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Monday, 10 April 2017 08:02

Troubleshooting Your Intranet Connections

Written by Wesley Darling

 It's a Monday morning and you've managed to drag yourself into work after a thrilling weekend away from the office. After filling up your normal cup of joe and settling down into the office chair you know oh-so-well, you fire up your computer, open up your web browser of choice, and enter the keystrokes to log yourself into your company's intranet site.

It doesn't work. You try it again, and, again, you're barred out from entering the intranet site. You begin to panic: the intranet site is where you go to submit all of your work, and if you can't submit your work then your supervisor might think you're just freeloading and question whether you should be paid. You're already on thin ice from coming back late from lunch the week before; who knows this might be the last straw! If your supervisor doesn't think you're doing work, they might ask you to leave. Or worse, fire you! And, from previous blog posts, we know that being fired could lead to you losing your dog!!

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Thursday, 03 September 2015 12:00

Adding, editing, and deleting users in Office 365

Written by Louise Fahys

Whether it be because of a new hire, a terminated employee, or any number of other scenarios, as an Office 365 Administrator, some of your most common tasks may be adding, editing, and deleting users from Office 365. 

This article takes you through those steps, and gives readers the opportunity to download a spreadsheet template for adding multiple users at once.


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