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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 05:14

Office 365 Groups

Written by Louise Fahys

Office 365 groups are designed to help users stay connected to discussions, events, and content from anywhere and on any device.  Users can easily join different groups, where they can have conversations with their coworkers about projects, collaborate on files and set and view meeting times on a group calendar.  Groups take the disorder and confusion out of working with colleagues on different projects.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 06:24

Spam Settings for Office 365

Written by Louise Fahys

The average office worker sends or receives around 120 emails per day, with many workers receiving significantly more. This overwhelming number of emails is just one of the many reasons why an email Spam folder is a critical feature. A Spam folder can filter out useless emails that would otherwise crowd up an inbox and waste a workers time.

However, these folders aren’t perfect and have been known to collect mail from trusted business partners whose emails are important to you. Luckily, Office 365 users have the ability to avoid this problem by configuring their connection filter, which enables a user to set up a safe senders list and a block senders list.


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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 02:53

SharePoint Search Optimization

Written by Louise Fahys

SearchSharePoint Online is an extremely valuable application that allows people within an organization to connect with each other, share ideas, view and collaborate on documents and perform many other functions that assist in group productivity.

This article discusses various search optimization techniques for SharePoint, and includes a link to receive SharePoint 2013 Online search guidlines. 

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Thursday, 03 September 2015 12:00

Adding, editing, and deleting users in Office 365

Written by Louise Fahys

Whether it be because of a new hire, a terminated employee, or any number of other scenarios, as an Office 365 Administrator, some of your most common tasks may be adding, editing, and deleting users from Office 365. 

This article takes you through those steps, and gives readers the opportunity to download a spreadsheet template for adding multiple users at once.


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Thursday, 13 August 2015 03:03

SharePoint Document Storage - The Good and the Bad

Written by Louise Fahys

SharePoint Online is one of the most effective ways to share and collaborate on content with other members inside your organization. Along with many other features, SharePoint makes it easy to create and save documents in shared sites, so that coworkers can freely view and edit content. 

This article goes through some of the advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint Online, as well as a solution that solves the problems most people have with SharePoint's document storage.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015 04:46

SharePoint External User Access

Written by Louise Fahys

External user access for SharePoint is designed for companies who wish to collaborate directly with people outside their organization.

This article discusses the basic advantages of external user access and the permissions given to external users; as well a common problem encountered when utilizing this feature and a solution to that problem that Code A Site has developed.  

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Monday, 06 July 2015 07:56

SharePoint Administration Roles

Written by Charles Hensley

SharePoint Administration Roles

In SharePoint Online for Office 365, administration can be separated into three primary roles: Office 365 Global Administrator, SharePoint Online Administrator and Site Collection Administrator.

These roles were designed to provide separation of responsibilities to better assist common business workflows. In this document, we will discuss the differences between these roles, clarify role responsibilities and provide an example for how to solve a specific business requirement.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 12:00

How to archive a terminated employee email box

Written by Louise Fahys

The ability to archive terminated employee email is something built into the Enterprise level Office 365 Plan. However, there are other ways to do this with different versions of MS Office. Skip to the Outlook 2007 instructions below if you don't have an Enterprise level O365 Plan.

Using Enterprise level Office 365 to archive employee email

This option allows you to simply store the email archive in the cloud and access it any time while freeing up your Office 365 license for another user.

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Sunday, 02 November 2014 06:50

You may be sharing documents with more people than you think!

Written by Louise Fahys

I can't count the number of times I've had clients call me because they accidentally shared all the documents from all their sites with a user that should Unauthorized Accessnot have that level of access. The permissions configuration in SharePoint can be very cumbersome if it isn't entirely understood. While Microsoft does provide a guide to help you with this, it's still quite confusing. We're going to shed some light on document sharing with SharePoint so you can avoid over sharing.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014 02:12

Press Release - CAS Data Room for SharePoint

Written by Louise Fahys

CAS Data Room for SharePointPress Release - CAS Data Room for SharePoint

Code A Site is excited to announce the launch of Data Room for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. This product makes security and compliance simple with easy to set and enforce permissions at the user and role levels. Users always know who viewed or updated any document. Additionally, reporting is readily available including user permissions, document versions, and usage data. Fewer clicks to productivity means the CAS Data Room is very easy to use. If clients do run into any trouble, there is a dedicated support team ready to help. 

Click here to Get 6 Months for FREE!

** For a limited time only, get Data Room for 6 months FREE. On checkout leave credit card info blank.

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