Adding, editing, and deleting users in Office 365

Adding usersWhether it be because of a new hire, a terminated employee, or any number of other scenarios, as an Office 365 Administrator, some of your most common tasks may be adding, editing, and deleting users from Office 365. 

This article takes you through those steps, and gives readers the opportunity to download a spreadsheet template for adding multiple users at once.


It is important to keep up to date with new and terminated employees, as well as manage current active users. These processes are relatively simple, but there are some tricks that can help you complete them more efficiently. The steps to these actions have been outlined below:


Adding Users

·         Adding Users Individually  –

1.       Go to Admin Center

2.       Click on the Users tab

3.       Go to Active users, and click on the “+” icon above the list of active users

·         Adding Multiple Users at Once –

1.       Create a spreadsheet with the following columns in order from left to right: User Name, First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Job Title, Department, Office Number, Office Phone, Mobile Phone, Fax, Address, City, State or Province, ZIP or Postal Code, and Country or Region

*Click here to receive an Excel template to help get you started.

o   Fill in values for the User Name (ex: and Display Name (ex: John Smith) for each user. Fill in any additional information as well

o   Enter a space and a comma in any box you wish to leave blank (you cannot leave User Name or Display Name blank)

2.       Sign into Office 365 and go to the admin center

3.       Go to the Users tab, then Active Users and choose the Bulk Add Users icon (“+” with two people icons) above the list of users

4.       Add the spreadsheet you created as the csv file

5.       Complete the following steps in the setup wizard

o   In Settings, click Allowed and choose which country this group will use Office 365 in

o   In Licenses, Choose which licenses you wish to assign to these members

o   In Send Results, enter the email addressed of the people you want to receive a list of all of the user names and temporary passwords


Editing Users

·         Editing Individual Users –

1.       Go to the list of users in the Active Users tab and check the box to the left of the user you want to edit.  Quick actions like delete, reset password, and add to group will come up to the right of the user.

2.       If you want to edit licensing or mailbox settings, click on the username.

·         Editing Multiple Users –

1.       Go to the Users page and check all the users that you want to edit

2.       Then click Edit to the right.

3.       Edit necessary information on the Details and Settings page before clicking Next

4.       Now, on the Assign licenses page, click Replace current license agreements and choose one or more licenses to replace.  If you don’t wish to make any changes to the existing license assignments, click Retain current license assignments. Then click Submit

5.       To add licenses to existing license agreement, click Add to existing license assignments, and then choose one or more licenses from the list

6.       Review the information on the Results page, and then click Finish


Deleting Users  

Simply deleting users is as easy as following the steps to edit a user and clicking Delete, but there are some steps you should follow if you are dealing with a terminated employee.  You can view the steps to this process in this article titled “How to Archive a Terminated Employee Email Box “.


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