Migrating to SharePoint 2019

SharePoint has come a long way and it is nothing but amazing to see the constant innovation that Microsoft has been introducing to the platform over the years!

With this release, SharePoint Server finally gets modern and includes a major set of the features that are already available in SharePoint Online.

What’s New in SharePoint Server 2019:

Unlike the 2016 release, SharePoint Server 2019 is bringing a wide variety of new features to the on-premise platform. Many of these features have been rolled out to SharePoint Online customers over the last two years, so they have been well tested.

  • Modernized, responsive user experience for web page, list and library content
  • Modern intranet portals via the Communication Skites template
  • Support for OneDrive.exe – the next generation sync client
  • Support for larger files, longer URLs and reduced character restrictions in folder and file names

SharePoint on-premises will never be extinct as many organizations are still reluctant to migrate entirely to the cloud. This is because they don’t want to share their sensitive or legal data with third party cloud providers. However, they want to leverage some of the features of O365 and SP Online which makes the content search, scalability, and security easier. Now with SharePoint Server 2019, these organizations will be able to continue with on-premises content storage, and take advantage of Microsoft’s cutting-edge features in Office 365 and SharePoint Online at the same time.

Interested in upgrading to SharePoint 2019 but need some help with the planning?

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In all, we encourage you to consider learning more about how we can help with your migration needs. Our goal is to help your company or organization improve productivity, collaborate with your team and share files seamlessly using Microsoft Sharepoint with Office365.    

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