SharePoint For Team Collaboration

Why Is Employee Engagement Significant:

Employee engagement is a huge topic in the business world today. Many companies try to measure engagement levels with surveys, polls, etc. Managers scour the web for employee engagement ideas, activities, quotes, inspiration, and more.

But does all that stuff work? Maybe to some degree. But more often than not, communication and interaction are all employees need to feel engaged in their work. When employees work together, engagement tends to increase, especially when using online collaboration tools. They can share their thoughts and bounce ideas off each other. They can update each other on their progress, and keep an open line of communication.

Engaged employees work harder, care about what they do, and are happier than those who feel constrained in their job. To enable better employee engagement. Teams, Calendars, ToDo, Skype for Business and lot more tools are there to make collaboration and engagement better.

Team Collaboration on Documents

Sharepoint’s document management system creates an organizational infrastructure, while also ensuring that documents are kept secure. With all the benefits and features Sharepoint has to offer, employees can collaborate on the same documents without the fear of losing data. Meanwhile, version control makes it easy to refer back to older versions of documents as needed.

Slide shows, spreadsheets, and text documents  all of them need to be shared among employees, compiled, and consolidated. The better your document management is, the easier it will be for your employees to find the information that they need.

Collaborate Using Team Workspaces

Team workspaces make it easier for employees to work together with others on shared projects and interests, both formal and informal. These can be created for work related projects, or simply as an area to socialize with others on shared hobbies and social activities outside of work tasks.

Employees can easily participate in conversations and share documents around a topic or project. Workspaces allow teams to move work out of email threads and into centralized collaborative areas which are more efficient, searchable, and can be as open or private as needed.

Shared calendar, notebook, chat, publish, and other tools

Teams can share a calendar to help plan their workload, use OneNote to document progress, and use Yammer to chat with members no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Learn how Code A Site can help you keep your staff & employees engaged using SharePoint as a collaboration tool

So what happens when your employees don’t love the company Intranet? Not only will you see a decrease in productivity, but could see this negatively impact your organization as a whole.  The best thing to do is make sure that your company’s Intranet fulfills the needs of your employees.

Using SharePoint to collaborate with your team is not only important to your staff and employees because they use tools that make their job easier, it also benefits the entire organization with an overall increased productivity.

We have been helping organizations like yours help improve their team collaboration using Microsoft Sharepoint. We encourage you to consider learning more about the solutions we provide to help improve productivity, collaborate with your team and share files seamlessly using Microsoft Sharepoint with Office365.  

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