Why Choose Code A Site for your Intranet Needs in 2019

First we want to say Happy New Year from the Code A Site family. Another year has passed and we stand proud to still be here providing high quality solutions for our clients and partners. As we get ready to hit the ground running this year we wanted to take the time to outline a few items why you should choose us for your Intranet needs for 2019.

FindAFile – For  Public Schools, Higher Education and Educational Institution

In 2018 we launched our unique school intranet solution called FindAFile. With FindAFile you have the ability to store and access complete student files, including enrollment paperwork, report cards, sports records, lunch vouchers and all other paperwork in one system.

With advanced scanning & indexing capabilities you now have the ability to bookmark or index your documents based on any criteria you choose such as student name, date of birth, date, record type, etc. Properly scanned and indexed documents can be easily searched for and accessed in a matter of seconds.

You can learn more about FindAFile by clicking here.

CodeASite – Your Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft  including Office 365

Choosing CodeASite as your Microsoft Business Partner, we not only understand what works for businesses, institutions and organizations like yours from the standpoint of Microsoft solutions, but we have a number of add-on products, applications and solutions to help keep your business functioning at peak productivity.

Find out how we will save you money on your current Microsoft licensing while at the same time give you greater flexibility on your payment options.

We built a real-time calculator that allows you to find out exactly how much you can save with a CSP partner like us. Click here to see how much you can save today!

Customizable Sharepoint Online Templates, Widgets & Add-ons

Sharepoint HR Template:

A SharePoint HR Template can turn your Microsoft SharePoint into a portal for Human Resources to keep detail employee information, manage hiring activities, terminations, employee performance process, on-boarding and benefits information – without paying high fees for customization.  

Performing Bulk Actions

When working in SharePoint, you may come across the need to perform mass updates or batch update of properties on many items in a list at once.

You may have come across the need to have the ability to perform bulk actions on document libraries like add a column, add a column to a view or update settings like turning on and off versioning and more. We have a solution for that.

Updated Date/Time Stamp on Library Folders

What if you had a way to show the date-time stamp on a folder in a SharePoint library that reflects the data-time of the last changed file inside it instead?

Code A Site has a solution for that! We have a solution that updates this date so you no longer have to lose time by having to click in the folder and then sort it manually.

Learn more about Our Solutions and how we can customize Microsoft Sharepoint & Office 365 to work for you in 2019.

Give us a call at 877.228.0901 or send us an inquiry through our contact form and one of our technical specialists will talk through your intranet needs and give your project a free consultation!