Agility vs SharePoint

Today we are comparing Agility CMS with SharePoint intranet. Agility aims to help companies manage digital property, as well as provide content to aid in the sales of products online. Meanwhile, SharePoint aims to improve a company’s performance through providing an intranet system that can provide a foundation for future innovation. Can Agility out run SharePoint as your company’s chosen software? To see who truly has the upper hand lets compare the two systems. 


Intranet company- SharePoint vs Agility CMS

Agility CMS focuses on four key components

Agility CMS hopes to aids users with content management, ecommerce, personalization and online marketing. Agility provides unlimited creative freedom for companies as they create their sites leaving flexibility for expansion. Aiming towards a technologically advanced future, Agility is 100% Cloud based to ensure that it can be used mobiliy and on any device.  For further content management a company can hire third party vendors for custom integration. When focusing on ecommerce, Agility prides itself on its ability to pull data from your existing databases. An aspect that Agility has that SharePoint intranet does not have is its online ticketing system with highly customized pages and dynamic ticket variations.

SharePoint contains more intranet solutions

As you can see Agility allows the user to have a wide span of control over their company and its ecommerce. SharePoint services focus more on communication within the company.  SharePoint has a Cloud-inspired infrastructure which provides the same mobile flexibility as Agility (Want more flexibility? Download Code A Site’s free apps). SharePoint provides mobile apps that work for Apple, Android and Windows phones. Another similarity that Agility and SharePoint share is the ability to hire a third party vendor to further customize and integrate your system.

SharePoint has the upper hand as an intranet provider because it is bundled with Office 365. SharePoint services allow users to organize event listings and calendars. Another cool aspect that intranet developers made in SharePoint are the options to create Wikis and discussion boards for internal communication.

Who wins this head-to-head battle? Well, it’s up to you to decide which software is best for your company. If you are looking for a fully customized system that is less focused on intranet solutions and heavily focused on your company’s user interface and marketing, then Agility is your pick. However, if you are searching for a tool that can host as your own company’s intranet and also have the ability to create intranets and websites for others, than SharePoint is for you.




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