Anonymous Contact Form: Create a Virtual Suggestion Box Directly on your SharePoint

Transparency is vital to the success of any organization. Customers, clients, and employees alike should feel welcome and comfortable to provide feedback on company issues, projects, and opportunities. Sometimes, though, an administrative presence can bias the authenticity of responses.

Getting honest feedback can be tough in organizations

Just like how no one wants to feel “wrong” or like they’re complaining, sometimes when a superior asks an employee for their thoughts on an issue, the employee may alter their response because they know their comments or grievances are being heard by a decision maker. This leads to a lack of genuineness and the employee may make their comments seem less important than they actually fee. Thus, little ends up being done about the feedback and nothing changes. Even in organizations where employee feedback is encouraged, traditional business hierarchies subconsciously prevail.

Difficulty creating an anonymous contact form?

To encourage authentic, unbiased reciprocation, organizations may suggest employees send emails to an “anonymous email box” to be read by some administrator.

It is difficult and time-consuming to create an anonymous email account, and inboxes can be a pain to keep organized. Additionally, using some alternate form of anonymous communication requires leaving the central information hub of a company’s SharePoint site.

At this point, it may seem to an employee that conveying an anonymous message to a supervisor is more trouble than is worth.

A company's suggestion box before they used Code A Site's Anonymous Contact Form add-in for SharePoint.

This is how you can solve the anonymous email problem — easy!

Companies interested in facilitating an anonymous suggestion box-type service should give Code A Site’s Anonymous Contact Form add-in for SharePoint a try.

The application is free and easy to download, and can be placed on whichever SharePoint site page is preferred. The contact form works on both external and internal-facing sites.

Employees (or customers, or clients, etc.) simply anonymously fill out the submission form with a Subject and their Comment, and it is automatically emailed to whichever internal recipient is attached to the add-in (this can be easily set-up and changed during installation).

Companies can now receive genuine, bias-free feedback with the help of the Anonymous Contact Form add-in and strive to make their workplace a safer, more efficient, and truly collaborative place.

Download the Anonymous Contact Form add-in from Code A Site for free! Have questions about installation? Give us a call today at 877.228.0901 and we’ll be happy to help

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