Benefits of using FindAFile for your educational institution’s intranet needs.

No matter how many student records you have, they can add up to a lot of information to store and manage. FindAFile is a custom built intranet solution that helps educational institutions convert transcripts, student records, school board minutes, student billing, HR records and more from paper to digital records seamlessly.

No longer are the days when you have to manually enter each record by hand and then assign each piece of information to their related student.

FindAFile allows schools to bookmark or index documents based on any criteria chosen such as student name, date of birth, date, record type, etc. Properly scanned and indexed documents can be searched for and accessed in a matter of seconds saving you time while improving overall productivity.

Below are just a few of the benefits FindAFile has to offer your school & other educational institutions.

Easy Scanning Features

  • Reduce manual data entry by automatically extracting data from student information systems (SIS) and state databases.
  • Properly scanned and indexed documents can be searched for and accessed in a matter of seconds.

Document Management Features

  • A paperless collection of all student records from the time they start school.
  • Improve internal communication, building unity and trust
  • Replace, upgrade or add to an existing student record and office administration document easily
  • Streamline the movement of student, HR and admissions data across your departments

Advanced Security Features

  • Maintain the integrity of confidential student records and comply with with DoD 5015.2, FERPA, HIPAA and CIPA regulations.
  • Apply document-level security to maintain different levels of access for each type of document within a personnel or student file.
  • Log system activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

One Central Location | Mobility

  • Organize all commonly used resources, documents, and links in one location
  • Create one central, convenient location for staff contact info, absence reporting, leave requests, etc.
  • Users can remotely retrieve student records, transcripts, billing and HR information online from a Web browser

Learn how you can build a digital library of student records & documents for your public school, university or private institution using FindAFile.

Since 2005, we here at Code A Site has been delivering custom intranet development solutions and on-going support and maintenance for public schools, universities and private institutions as well as other organizations. As a certified Microsoft Partner, we specialize in Office 365 and SharePoint implementations and customization.

Our brand new intranet solution, called FindAFile, was built to help school like yours easily scan and file important student records while improving back-office procedures and cut cost. We’ve designed a solution that we feel meets your school intranet needs without having to break your budget.

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