Benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint

Combining the forces of Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint Online for your Business, Organization or Educational Institution can give your organization a powerful communication and information exchange system. You can easily share and store files, comply with security or regulatory requirements, and give your enterprise the tools it needs for enhanced your internal processes. Migrating to Office 365 with SharePoint can yield several important benefits, some of which have been listed below.

Easy Staff, Employee, Team or Department Collaboration

SharePoint is a rich, open platform that makes it easy to create and share business information from a single location. SharePoint and Office365 can seamlessly connect employees with the documents, information, people, and projects they need to perform their jobs.

Easy information exchange goes together with better collaboration. Special features such as alerts make it easy for employees to easily get the important information they need, without costly delays  or miscommunication. Simplifying access to business information for everyone enables collaboration and keeps everyone in the loop.

Increased Productivity

SharePoint and Office365 can give your company the opportunity to streamline and automate key processes. It’s easier than ever to transmit data, track information, manage documents, work on group projects, and much more without confusion or delays.

A more productive workforce means better business efficiency and profitability.

Enhanced Security Features

Security is a major concern for the modern-day business. Sophisticated cyber attacks, fraud schemes, and system hacks can leak sensitive information about your brand or your customers. Poor communication security can compromise the integrity and reputation of your company. Letting information fall through the cracks could expose your company to a major breach, data losses, and bad press.

Incorporating SharePoint and Office365 into your operations can prevent some of those security issues. You can monitor user behavior, to help ensure compliance with any internal policies. Your teams can share vital information without giving out any sensitive information embedded in documents through SharePoint collaborations. Managing operations through a single, integrated platform also reduces your vulnerability to holes, leaks, and attacks across multiple systems.

Save Money & Time

SharePoint and OneDrive can save your company money. Having a total cloud solution eliminates the cost of a separate cloud account and data storage plan. In addition, cleaning up and simplifying your operating systems can prevent wasted dollars spent on fixing bugs and patching problems. You can save time, money, and stress with SharePoint and Office365.

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