Can You Afford Igloo Software Pricing?

So you’re using Igloo intranet as your business’ Intranet solution…

You’re a fan of the simplicity and how easy it was to set-up the pre-built custom intranet for your company.

You’ve been happily using it for all of your file organization and business process needs, whether that be creating a company discussion space, hosting your company’s wiki or knowledge base, or merely serving as the primary hub for your company’s current and past projects.

You love your intranet service

…until you’re hit with the monthly bill.

Money you can save by migrating from Igloo Intranet to SharePoint with Code A Site!

The Cost of Using Igloo Intranet

Even for a small business, Igloo intranet can be pricey. Because they bill on a user-per-month system, starting at $12 per user per month, the cost of your intranet can really add up. For a small business of only 15 employees, Igloo would end up costing over $2100 per year, and that doesn’t include the cost of any of the additional applications or add-ons a small business would want to use to expand their intranet functionality. As the size of your business grows, so do your technical costs. Wouldn’t it be nice if your intranet’s costs could stay the same?

Oddly enough, many small businesses don’t realize that they may already be paying for an intranet solution. As times have changed, businesses have moved away from local installs of word processing and spreadsheet software programs. Companies are instead opting for cloud-based solutions. One of the most popular of these solutions is Microsoft Office 365 – so popular, in fact, that over 50,000 small business join Office 365 every month. Chances are, your company probably uses it too. If that’s the case, you’re already paying for one of the top intranet solutions available, and it’s been included in your Office 365 bundle the whole time!

That’s right, if you have Office 365 and are paying for Igloo intranet service – you’re paying too much!

SharePoint: An Industry Favorite

Microsoft SharePoint, an extremely powerful, customizable, and flexible intranet service, is included with every full license of Office 365 at no additional charge to you. Though it is bundled with your Office software, it is by no means an inferior product:

  • 80% of Fortune 500 Companies use SharePoint
  • Over 20,000 users join SharePoint every day
  • More than 100 million total SharePoint users

Microsoft SharePoint provides the same powerful intranet abilities as its competitors, but also has many additional features, including time-saving custom searches, advanced project management features, and the ability to add new features from Microsoft’s Add-in library. All of this, and at no extra cost to Office 365 subscribers.

Risk-Free Igloo to SharePoint Migration

But you have an existing Igloo intranet and you’re worried migrating to SharePoint might put your data at risk or get rid of your existing hierarchies and company information? Let Code A Site take care of that for you. We specialize in secure, low-cost migrations to SharePoint, and guarantee a complete migration of every aspect of your existing intranet solution. Code A Site works with your throughout the migration, and will make sure your intranet solution has all of your favorite features, as well as new features that may make your business processes even better. We want to help you get started using an intranet solution that can afford, and won’t increase in price as your company grows.

Curious about how much you can save with SharePoint? Call Code A Site today for a Free consultation at 877-228-0901.

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