Choosing the Right Intranet Software

Deciding on which intranet software is best for your organization can be hard! As you know, there are tons of intranet choices available, all with their own pros and cons. An intranet software might have all of the automation features your company needs for its business processes, but is out of your price range. Or, you might find an intranet service that is cost-effective and easy to set up, but allows for very little customization or development. It can be tough discerning what is most important for your organization, and which intranet software meets those requirements. 

Just like a fork in the road, it's your decision which intranet solution is best for you!

What is your company’s budget for an intranet service?

This is the first deciding factor when considering an intranet solution. Depending on how much your company is willing to spend, it may be suggested that you use cheaper, less customizable solutions, or opt for a stock solution. If your team has a higher project budget, you may be able to afford a highly customized solution, complete with your company’s branding, business process automation capabilities, and advanced features like a company wiki or savable search. Going into your project with a set budget in mind will help narrow your choices and make the decision making process for which intranet service is the best for you a lot easier.

What software/services does your company already use?

Does your company already have an Office 365 subscription? If so, you’re already paying for an intranet service! Microsoft SharePoint is included in all Enterprise Office 365 subscriptions at no additional cost. If you’re already paying for it, why not use it? Integrating a SharePoint site into your company’s workflow can create greater collaboration between employees, especially because your other favorite Office 365 tools, like Excel and Word, are already seamlessly blended into your SharePoint experience. So, before making a decision on an intranet solution, take a look at what software you already use. You may be surprised by what you already pay for!

What sort of IT personnel does your company have?

When you’re deciding which intranet solution is the right fit, you need to consider what your company’s IT department is like. If your company has a very small IT department (or none at all!), there are certain intranet solutions that work more or less right out of the box, and are designed for a simple, fast integration. These easy to setup intranet services do, however, have certain limitations with their customization and more advanced features. On the other hand, if your company has a team of developers, more involved intranet solutions may be a better option, as your IT team can shape the platform to your company’s liking.

Regardless of your company’s IT personnel, it is suggested that you adopt an intranet solution with the help of a developer or development team. Development teams can focus on setting up and customizing your intranet site in a way that your company’s IT department may not be able to (they’re probably busy working on more salient issues), and have software tools and experience to facilitate this. Check out our guide to hiring the best intranet developer to make sure you make the right decision.

What is the right intranet solution for you company? Quiz

Luckily, Code A Site has a free quiz to help you find the intranet service that is just right for your company! At no cost to you, we’ll pair you with the best intranet software for your organization.

It’s simple! Just answer the 3 easy-to-understand questions to the best of your knowledge, and we’ll match you up in no time at all. Questions include your company’s budget for the solution, existing services you may already have, and what sort of assistance your company may need with setting up the solution.

After submitting, the quiz emails you your results, and even gives you a direct action plan for implementing the suggested solution as quickly as possible, including suggested products and points of contact for helping your project hit the ground running.

Free Quiz to Find Your Intranet Solution

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