Document Library Listing: Speed Up Your SharePoint Navigation

Searching for a specific document within a company intranet seems like it should be an easy task, but too often it is anything but easy.

Even with a powerful intranet service like Microsoft SharePoint, getting a handle on custom searches and navigating libraries can be a bit of a learning process. However, when using the company intranet, that’s the last thing a user wants – a learning process. They need to be able to find the correct project document in a matter of seconds, not spend minutes searching through the rabbit hole of different folder directories only to have to turn back and start over again.

Quest for Simple Searching with SharePoint

Though SharePoint certainly is powerful, it is not exactly user-friendly, at least not initially. Directories are just collected into lists, as opposed to being presented in an intuitive, graphical user interface. This can end up wasting large amounts of time when presented to an untrained beginner. This is, frankly, one of SharePoint’s biggest problems, and one of the reasons why many companies are slow to adopt what is otherwise a market-leading tool. Companies don’t want to spend the time learning or teaching the powerful service offered by SharePoint when there is work to be done. They would rather spend more money on a less-effective, more simplistic intranet solution simply because it will save time in the short-term. Unfortunately, those companies who opt for a weaker solution will end up paying for it as their business begins to outgrow their intranet service.

Companies need a better way to present their document libraries which is intuitive to new users and reduces training time. Improving site navigation decreases the time spent on the site searching for the correct libraries, effectively giving the time back to the users for more important and productive tasks.

How users feel on SharePoint without using Code A Site Document Library Listing.

Simplify Your Search

Code A Site’s Document Library Listing add-in for SharePoint does all of this, and at no extra cost for you. That’s right – for absolutely free, SharePoint users will be able to view their current Document and Image & Media Libraries in a straightforward tile format (compared to the traditional list). Additionally, users have the ability to toggle different types of libraries shown in the view, so they can make sure they’re only seeing truly relevant information.

Save time in your SharePoint site today by downloading the easy to setup and use tool directly from the Code A Site Microsoft Store.

Running into trouble installing the add-in? Give us a call at 877.228.0901 and our technical support will guide you through the process for free!

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