How an Igloo to SharePoint Migration Can Give You a Competitive Edge

For your company to stand out in this wildly competitive and incredibly connected world marketplace, you must make sure you have the right tools for the job. Your company relies on software to beat the competition by providing an array of tools to help enhance collaboration, facilitate ingenuity, and sharpen the skills of talented employees. You require an online intranet service of some kind for document collection and team project collaboration, as well as some form of Microsoft Office tools (frequently the cloud-based Office 365) to do the lion’s share of the actual work.

Team members using SharePoint Intranet to collaborate after using Code a Site's Igloo to SharePoint Migration service

Igloo Software: Some things to consider

A popular intranet solution many companies use is Igloo Intranet. Igloo has many strengths, but it does have a few weaknesses that should be considered when choosing an intranet service:

  • Not Microsoft-based; app-hopping may be necessary if you want to use Office 365 tools
  • Limited support for multi-language intranet sites
  • Lacks support for SAML and LDAP authentication methods
  • Licenses priced on a user-per-month system

For these reasons, many Igloo Software subscribers turn to SharePoint.

Try SharePoint for your company intranet

If your team is looking for a powerful intranet service but require more features and greater flexibility than Igloo can provide, give Microsoft SharePoint a try. Some important features included with SharePoint are:

  • All Office 365 tools are built to work from directly within SharePoint (No app-hopping)
  • Multi-language support
  • SAML and LDAP authentication methods supported
  • SharePoint is included with your current Office 365 subscription (no extra cost)

Let Code A Site help with your Igloo to SharePoint migration

Code A Site can help save you time and money by migrating you from Igloo to SharePoint!

Are you worried about losing your existing Igloo Intranet files or organizational hierarchies? Never fear!

When Code A Site performs your Igloo to SharePoint Migration, we make sure to move everything, including all documents, files and metadata, and even your previous folder setup. We can even configure your SharePoint with some powerful Add-ins, which expand the functionality of your intranet to include auto-filing and document creation, advanced organizational features, and even calendar or anonymous polling applets. You’ll feel right at home with your new SharePoint Intranet, especially because you’ll know you’re getting the best software for the best price.

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