How PMC Interiors Got Their Groove Back

When PMC Interiors, an interior design company based in Morrisville, NC, contacted Code A Site about moving to SharePoint Online, it was in the middle of a sticky situation: PMC was growing fast!

In just a few short months, PMC Interiors doubled its staff and added two office locations! Like a kid with a growth spurt, it was outgrowing its previous technology strategy and was having trouble adapting. PMC needed a way to not only efficiently onboard new employees and clients, but also to make sure that all employees at all locations could access shared files, that there was a central repository for all documentation, and that employees had collaborative tools to help support the sales and design process.

That’s where Code A Site comes in. From our expertise with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, we knew that a successful integration with these tools would help PMC’s business processes scale with future growth. But how did Code A Site work from the ground up to build the optimal intranet solution? And how did things end up turning out for PMC Interiors?

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Read How We Helped PMC Interiors Get Their Groove Back


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