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D o you know when to use a document library template and when a content organizer may be a better solution? These little details of document management can have a major impact on your business. Code A Site has built a business around saving customers at least 15% toward their bottom line simply by helping employees find the documents they need – quickly. This guide will help you figure out when to use a document library template, when you should consider a document center drop-off library, and how the CAS document manager can help your business get organized.

Create a document library template

One of the great features of SharePoint is the ability to save a List, Library or Site as a Custom Template to reuse any customizations you have made.

Reasons to use a document library template:

  •  A quick and easy way to recreate basic Document Library settings and content (folders & documents).

Reasons not to use a document library template:

  • If you have particular folders you want only certain users to view, this approach will not be the answer. Unfortunately, permissions are not copied with the template.
  • If you have sub-folder structures or documents you want to create when other events happen for example you win a new Client project or onboard a new Employee this approach cannot create documents or folders within an existing Document Library.

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Document center drop-off library (content organizer)

We love the Content Organizer feature of SharePoint! Within a couple of hours you can setup the rules to have your Document Center route documents to different libraries and folders based on specific Content Types and meta-data the User is required to enter when uploading documents. The majority of the time spent on this approach will be in defining the Content Types and meta-data for all the document you wish to store in the Document Center.

Reasons to use a document center drop-off library:

  • Documents are always routed to the correct location.
  • Duplicate submission are managed automatically. When a document already exists it will either create a new version or rename it with a specific set of characters.
  • Other SharePoint sites or third-party applications can submit documents to the Content Organizer.
  • You can monitor and manage the number of documents that can be stored in a Document Library.

Reasons not to use a document center drop-off library :

  • OneDrive allows users to upload Documents directly and bypass the Drop-Off Library which may create unwanted files and folders that clutter the library.
  • Does not automatically create Document Libraries.
  • Every time a new Document Library is added you will need to manually create a new set of rules to route files to the new location or you can create a custom workflow to create the rules when the new library is added.
  • If you have particular folders you want only certain users to view, this approach will not be the answer. Unfortunately, permissions cannot be set via the content organizer.


Code A Site document manager

The CAS Document Manager streamlines your process by creating and securing the Folders and Documents that are unique to your business. With the CAS Document Manager App search features, your staff can easily find what they are looking for while you stay in control of who accesses your documents.

Reasons to use the CAS document manager:

  • Automatically creates Document Libraries based on your business needs. The CAS Accounts & Project Document Manager automatically creates Document Libraries when new Client Accounts are added.
  • Automatically sets the correct user permissions. This is especially helpful if you want to consistently insure that the correct user permissions are set on specific folders.
  • Searchable and configurable user interface with familiar information so users can get to documents fast.
  • Automatically sets document properties based on meta-data stored about the Document Library. This means users are not required to enter the same information over and over when filing documents and the information that is stored is more accurate.
  • Can help manage Document Libraries from getting too large. New Document Libraries are created based on logical containers. For example, when a new Client is entered, a new Document Library specific to that client is automatically created. This allows for more manageable libraries which can help if you are using OneDrive Sync.
  • Easily add a new Content Type to many libraries. The backend management system prompts you to add or remove content types from all libraries which use that content type. This can greatly help the Document Center administrator.

Reasons not to use the CAS document manager:

  • OneDrive allows users to upload Documents directly and they may create unwanted folders or documents which clutter the library
  • Does not automatically route documents based on user defined rules, so documents can be misfiled.


Blended solution

CodeASite Document Manager Application for SharePointWe think the best way to keep your Document Libraries organized is to use the CAS Document Manager to create and permission libraries, folders and files consistently. Additionally, you should use the Content Organizer to route documents to the correct locations. This blended solution makes it easy to organize and maintain your SharePoint document center.

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