How an IT Services Provider Saved $12,000 Switching from Igloo to SharePoint

A leading managed IT services provider used Igloo Intranet as their primary intranet solution for over 4 years. Igloo served as their internal company hub, not only giving them a space to collaborate on and share project documents, but also acting as a platform for employee-only information, including:

  • Information on internal processes and a company wiki
  • A complete directory of employee contact info
  • A space for employee communication, including a discussion board, blog and news posts, and an on-call posting alerting employees to scheduling changes

Company employees collaborating in SharePoint after their successful Igloo to SharePoint migration from Code A Site

An Expensive Intranet Solution

Though the company used Igloo on a daily basis, employees were not entirely satisfied with the experience. Employees grew frustrated with the lack of advanced search features, sometimes having to manually parse through file directories because multiple searches could not pull up a specific file in the intranet. Other employees were annoyed that the on-call posting calendar had to be manually updated weekly by administrators; there was no way for them to plan their schedules ahead of time. Lastly, because it is billed on a user-per-month system, Igloo intranet was costing the company $12,000 per year.

Finding the Best Intranet Service for Your Company

Why should a company pay so much money for an intranet service when there are lower cost alternatives?

That’s the question that brought the IT company to look into Microsoft SharePoint. The company was already paying for and using Office 365 for the cloud-based Word and Excel applications, but had no idea that included in the subscription price was Microsoft’s very own intranet service. Not only would SharePoint be a more cost-effective alternative, but with the right migration support, SharePoint could fully replicate their previous intranet experience without some of the hassles that led them to move in the first place.

Migrating to SharePoint would allow them to:

  • Take advantage of advanced new features
  • Save time with a less-frustrating search functionality
  • Cut operational costs

The Igloo to SharePoint Migration

The IT company chose Code A Site to be their Igloo to SharePoint migration expert, and received a one-to-one transfer of every aspect of their previous intranet site to their new SharePoint site, including all documents, file hierarchies, wikis, blog and news posts (including all comments and discussions), and calendars. Code A Site even created a custom, branded graphical overlay for the intranet site itself. Considering the company’s limitations with their previous intranet experience, Code A Site expanded SharePoint’s traditional functionality with:

  • An automatically-updating calendar
  • Advanced search abilities for the employee directory
  • A Personal Links section for savable bookmarks on employees’ individual homepages

The IT company’s faith in a positive intranet experience was restored, not just because it saved them $12,000 every year, but because employees could now use the advanced collaborative features that would set them apart from the competition.

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