Is your Intranet Portal effective or does it just look good?

True success can’t be ignored when it comes to the benefits of using SharePoint as your company intranet. Microsoft has created the Sharepoint platform to fit any size business that is fully customizable and can meet your requirements. There is no shortage of benefits that come with this solution.

However, too many organizations focus more on placing their company branding and logo throughout the Intranet, and spend less time focusing on functionality or how they can best maximize all the benefits of their Intranet Portal.

Making your Intranet work as good as it looks?

It benefits both your employees and your bottom line if you focus on usability as much as you focus on conveying your organizations brand. Yes, making sure that your intranet conveys your company brand and values are very important.  But how your employees and teams will use it, is also important, if not just as important.

There are many benefits to focusing on usability of your Organization’s Intranet, such as:

  • It can help make employees more efficient & faster,
  • It can make their work easier
  • It can help improve collaboration between teams.

Here are just a few ideas that could help you get most of your Sharepoint Intranet while still maintaining the look and feel of your organization:

Add Personalized Web Parts to Home Page

Why not give a personalized experience to your site and page visitors – so they see the content that is theirs, and meant for them to experience. When using personalized web parts, people will see their recent sites, their recent documents and news tailored for them.

You can personalize any page or news article as you see fit. When you add a personalized web part to the page, it is aware of who is signed in and gives them a unique, relevant experience to the content and information you are promoting to them.

News and Highlighted Content Audience Targeted Web Parts

With Microsoft Sharepoint you can better define what news articles and pages appear on the home experience of your site by configuring what is visible to specific groups or departments. Sharepoint gives you access to  content that is dynamic and immersive, and can include video and even mixed reality.

Each person could have their own unique experience that complies with what you wish them to view without creating multiple audience-specific sites. Sharepoint gives you the ability to serve them all from within a more centralized location with a personalized, targeted experience.

These are just a few ideas, but there are many more ways that could help maximize the potential of your organizations intranet portal while still maintaining its look and feel.

In all, with work becoming more virtual, global and mobile why not make sure your intranet portal is as effective as it is well branded and designed.  

We are a team of on-shore expert Microsoft Sharepoint Intranet Developers that help businesses like yours not only make sure your Sharepoint Intranet looks good, but most importantly that it helps improve collaboration between teams and employee while also helping to increase overall productivity.

If you need more information or looking for an expert in intranet development, please feel free to reach out to us.