Office 365 – What types of backups are provided?

O365 Backup Options

N eed to know what types of backups are provided with Office 365? 

Here’s a quick guide to help you get right to the point:

Exchange Online

  • Deletions: By default, the Recoverable Item store is set to only keep deleted items for 14 days. This 14 day value can be increased, but can only be set to a maximum of 30 days on Office 365 plans E1, ProPlus and E3.
  • Corruption: Exchange Online replication technology, there is a particular replicated version of your e-mail that is somewhat older than the “live” version of your e-mail, meaning that, in theory, you could go back to an older version of e-mail before the corruption occurred.

SharePoint Online

  • Deletions: Deleted items will live in the Recycle Bin for 30 days until they are permanently removed. In addition to this, SharePoint Online data is backed up every 12 hours and these backups are kept for 14 days by Office 365.
  • Corruption: Depending on the scale of the corruption you could either restore the previous versions of individual files, or if the scale of the corruption extends throughout the SharePoint site, you could use the backup held by Microsoft (as discussed above) to recover data.

Disaster Recovery

Also note: SharePoint Online has set a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in the event of a disaster:

  • 1 hour RPO: Microsoft protects your SharePoint Online data and has a copy of that data that is equal to or less than 1 hour old.
  • 6 hour RTO: Organizations will be able to resume service within 6 hours after service disruption if a disaster incapacitates a hosting data center.

Office 365 Data Center Tour

Backup beyond what Microsoft offers

Available through 3rd party providers such as:

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