Setting up an Intranet for your Educational Institution

Imagine one central location where you can inform your entire faculty and staff of important news and events with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Imagine administrators & teachers can be kept up-to-date with new policies, update the grade and school a student attends, sign-off on documents requiring approval, or reduce the cost, time and effort spent finding, sorting and archiving student paperwork.

There’s no need to use your imagination, this solution actually exist. Your school’s faculty deals with many tasks on a day-to-day basis which can be managed effectively via a school intranet solution.

Due to advancements in technology, public schools, universities & private institutions have seen an increasing need to effectively manage all of the paperwork for their students and faculty efficiently while reducing manual labor. An intranet solution can help meet those needs by providing a centralized location to store, organize and retrieve records digitally.

So, what should a public school, universities or private institution look for when setting up an Intranet?

  • Delivering collaboration tools: Enabling centralized access to tools and information employees need to perform their jobs – shared documents and templates, work management, calendars, contacts, line-of-business applications etc.
  • School-wide communications: Since an intranet is an institution’s digital hub, the administration can broadcast important information throughout the school – changes at the rules & regulations, important events, recognition of achievements, and announcements related to student policies.
  • Internal communications: Modern intranet tools include all the communication tools teachers & administrators need to keep in touch within and across departments to get their jobs done.
  • Replacing filing cabinets & boxes: Schools which haven’t yet adopted modern tools like intranets literally use boxes or file cabinets as their centralized location for documents and records. The result is a constant manual process that can become hard to keep up with, and important information that is continuously lost.  Digitizing your records using an Intranet is a vastly more efficient way to manage information, documents and important student records.
  • Internal support: Intranets allow public schools, higher education and private institutions to easily manage their response time & productivity. They also allow you to improve response times for record requests with direct access to transcripts, disciplinary actions and reports.
  • Secure Information repository: Intranets are the place were you have the ability to securely store documentation.  A paperless collection of all student records from the time they start school. A place where you can keep detail student information, manage school activities, streamline enrollment paperwork process, reduce manual data entry and more while monitoring who has access.

Interested in learning how you can build a customized intranet solution for your school?

Since 2005, we here at Code A Site has been delivering custom intranet development solutions and on-going support and maintenance for public schools, universities and private institutions as well as other organizations. As a certified Microsoft Partner, we specialize in Office 365 and SharePoint implementations and customization.

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