Shared Mailboxes in Office 365

shared mailboxShared mailboxes are a great tool for organizations that do support and customer service work.  They allow a group of people within an organization to receive and send mail from their individual email addresses, while still communicating under one group email alias, like  This way, a group of employees can work on answering support questions without having to login to a separate account, allowing for quicker responses and better overall customer service.



Creating Mailboxes in Office 365

In order to utilize share mailboxes in Office 365, an administrator must set them up and grant users permissions to access the mailbox. These mailboxes are linked to a disabled user account and cannot be accessed directly with a username and password. The procedure for setting a shared mailbox is outlined here:

1.       Sign in to Office 365 and go to the Admin Center.

2.       Go to Shared Mailboxes and click on the “+”symbol.

3.       Once on the Create a shared mailbox wizard page, assign a name to the mailbox and choose an email address.

4.       Under Add members, Choose all of the members you want to have access to the mailbox by typing their name and selecting them when their name appears.

5.       Once you are finished with these steps, click on save to create your mailbox.

Adding and Removing Users                            

After a shared mailbox has been created, it is still possible to add and remove members whenever necessary.  This process is very straight forward:

1.       Go to the Shared Mailboxes tab and select whichever mailbox you want to edit.

2.       Click on Edit Members.

3.       If you wish to add a user, start typing the name of the person you would like to add, and select their name to add them.

4.       To remove a user, click the x to the right of their name.

5.       Click Save to keep your changes.


Accessing Mailboxes in Outlook

Once an administrator had created a shared mailbox, those who have been given permissions can access and send emails from said mailbox through the Outlook desktop app or the Outlook web app.

·         Accessing Share Mailboxes in Outlook 2013

1.       If you are a member of a shared mailbox, the mailbox automatically appears in your Outlook folder list.

·         Accessing Shared Mailboxes in Outlook 2010

1.       Click the File tab. Then, click Account Settings and Account Settings.

2.       Click your Office 365 Exchange account, and then click Change. Click More Settings, click the Advanced tab, and then click Add.

3.       Type the name of the shared mailbox and click OK.

·         Accessing Shared Mailboxes in the Outlook Web App

1.       In the Office 365 portal, click Outlook to open the Outlook Web App.

2.       Right-click your name in the folder list and click Add shared folder.

3.       Type the name of the shared mailbox and then click Add.

·         Sending Emails from Shared Mailbox

1.       Click on the New Email icon.

2.       Click on More icon ()and choose Show from. This will show you which email address the recipient will see when they receive the email.

3.       Compose the email like you would any other email.

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