SharePoint Document Storage – The Good and the Bad


SharePoint Online is one of the most effective ways to share and collaborate on content with other members inside your organization. Along with many other features, SharePoint makes it easy to create and save documents in shared sites, so that coworkers can freely view and edit content. 

This article goes through some of the advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint Online, as well as a solution that solves the problems most people have with SharePoint’s document storage.


SharePoint enables members within an organization to easily set up a team site, where they can work together while utilizing Office 365 applications.  Some of the most common functions performed under team sites include:

·         Sharing and syncing Outlook Calendars with the team site.

·         Starting discussions and sharing ideas on the team newsfeed.

·         Sharing email with the site mailbox.

·         Collaborating on Office documents.

·         Saving documents in easily accessible document libraries (Includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Visio documents).

SharePoint sites are very versatile and bring a new level of efficiency into working on team projects. They are easy to set up, manage and utilize for any licensed SharePoint user.


Some of the only downsides to SharePoint are that document creation can become repetitive and time consuming, and it’s easy to become disorganized. Specifically, some of evident issues include:

·         No common file/folder structure

·         No consistent document type set up

·         Unmanaged versions resulting in duplicate working copies

·         Inability to create reusable forms

These issues can cause SharePoint sites to become very disorganized, content to become lost, and time to be wasted. So, in order to remedy these issues, Code A Site has developed a document manager application.


CAS Document Manager

Code A Site’s Document manager application automatically creates and organizes documents based on an organizations specific business functions.  This application will generate formatted documents and organized them into easily searchable folders, with the appropriate permissions.  So, for example, if you wanted to add a new client, this application would generate the necessary documents in the appropriate files, assign the correct permissions, and fill out the document with the necessary information.  All you need to do is fill in the requested fields.

Click here to receive a document that explains the CAS Document Manager Application in more detail.

Go to this link to purchase the Document Manger App.

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