SharePoint Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Solutions

If you’re not in the medical profession, chances are you might not be aware of the mountains of paperwork that go into running a health care system! Every single patient a doctor or physician sees, regardless of the procedure, requires an extensive amount of documentation for patient charts, updates, insurance, claims filing, patient statements, patient history…the list could go on forever. This may sound surprising, but doctors spend over two-thirds of their time doing paperwork! There has got to be a better system to not only file and keep track of all of these documents, but also to speed up the time spent creating it. Doctors should be busy saving lives, not wasting time filling out documents!

Why you need an EMR solution

It may seem pretty cut and dry: doctors waste too much time filling out too much paperwork, but the problem goes much deeper than that. Yes, time is wasted by doctors filling out and documenting their own paperwork, but it also wastes paper and office space by keeping physical documents, office organization decreases (a good portion of the time spent on documentation is spent just trying to locate the document in question!), and every iteration of a repetitive task takes up the same, lengthy chunk of time.

A proper Electronic Medical Records solution solves all of these problems. Because the system is electronic instead of paper-based, health care providers can file and organizes digitized versions of physical documents, and enabling all future documents to be digital, the physical space problem of medical records is alleviated. EMR solutions also provide an environment for administrative assistants, secretaries, nurses, as well as the doctors themselves to collaborate freely on their documents, cutting down the amount of time individual employees spend on documentation alone.

Another benefit of an Electronic Medical Records solution is time saved with metadata and hierarchical file search. With physical file systems, a “lost” document must be searched through volumes of paper files. Unsurprisingly, an electronic file system can use many different forms of search criteria to find your missing document, and can save you many minutes of wasted time (and possible embarrassment, if it was a Very Special Patient’s files you misplaced!). Additionally, Electronic Medical Records solutions have built-in tools to create auto-completing and auto-filing template documents for repetitive routine paperwork. Long-gone are the days of a new patient filling out seemingly dozens of forms with identical information. With an EMR solution, patients fill out a form once and the software auto-populates the appropriate fields in the series of documents, and then automatically files them all in an easily locatable, predetermined directory.

Look at all of that paperwork that using SharePoint as an Electronic Medical Record solution, per Code A Site's suggestion, would clear up!
Why SharePoint is the perfect tool for EMR

So you’re sold on using an EMR solution…now what? Dedicated EMR solutions can be extremely expensive, and if your company has no server or cloud infrastructure already set up, that can drive up the price tag even further. You may think it’d just be easier and cheaper to keep doing things the old way, but after hearing all of the benefits and features of doing medical records on an electronic platform, you know there has to be some compromise.

Well, compromise no more, because SharePoint is the ultimate EMR platform, and for a much lower price than comparable EMR solutions. In fact, SharePoint is included with your Enterprise Office 365 licenses for no extra charge! Though you may think of SharePoint as being “just” a collaborative space for company employees to share and work on files together, several add-ins and advanced features can transform it into a custom EMR solution that is perfect for your company.

SharePoint is built around search, and it definitely beats out the competition in this regard. Never lose a file again expanded metadata capabilities and an emphasis on strong file hierarchies. From the Microsoft Office store, you can download many free add-ins (many from Code A Site!) that can enhance your SharePoint with file automation and even faster search features. And if you’re looking for a custom-branded EMR experience designed just for your health care organization, a dedicated SharePoint consultant can help you get the project of your dreams on the way!

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