Sharepoint Intranet Features That Your Employees Love (Part 2)

If you were wondering what Sharepoint Intranet Features That Your Employees Love, we’ve decided to list them here for you.  Understanding how your employees best interact with your SharePoint Company Intranet is not only of value to the users , it also benefits the entire organization with increased productivity.

We continue to review those Sharepoint Intranet features that are most loved by your staff with part-two of our two-part blog.

  1. Social Tools

Employees today value social tools as a way to connect with their colleagues and even customers. By allowing for social intranet tools, companies can direct the focus of their employees without sacrificing the utility of social media. There are many offices now that have employees who work primarily remotely. Social tools can aid in connecting employees and making them feel more involved with the company.

  1. Mobile Responsive Design

Today’s employees work not just on their own personal computers but also through mobile devices. Both smartphones and tablets are now heavily used for everything from casually sending emails to working on important documentation. Your company Sharepoint Intranet with built-in mobile responsive design isn’t just easier to use — it’s also designed to be more secure when used with mobile devices.

  1. Developer API/Third Party Integration

A developer API also makes it possible for the company to develop their own custom software to interface with Sharepoint. Through an API, virtually any feature can be added that is not already available. Moreover, Microsoft  Sharepoint offers a robust solution that integrates with existing business systems and platforms including enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and school information management systems.

This pulls through information from integrated systems and allows your staff to view and update via your intranet.

  1. Personalized Content

Different employees have different focuses. The ability to personalize content throughout the Intranet allows employees to drill down to their own priorities.

Employees can set their own shortcuts to the files and features that they use the most — and they can keep their contacts and content well-organized on their own. Personalized content also extends to supervisors, staff members, and specialized team members, as they can acquire information and access that others would not need.

  1. Intuitive Search

As your company’s Sharepoint intranet grows, it can become increasingly more difficult for employees to drill down to the information that they need. An intuitive, contextual search can be used to search the documents that are most applicable and relevant to each employee. Through this, employees can find important information much faster.

So what happens when your employees don’t love the company Intranet? Not only will you see a decrease in productivity, but could see this negatively impact your organization as a whole.  The best thing to do is make sure that your company’s Intranet fulfills the needs of your employees.

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