SharePoint Mobile: Moving Business Out of the Office

SharePoint intranet is arguably one of the best business software to own. It has the ability to store and organize documents in easy to access areas. Furthermore, it serves as a collaborative area for employees to discuss business and work on projects. As technology grows and continuously advances SharePoint stays up to date with its contenders by creating SharePoint mobile. This features allows for all the pros of SharePoint to be accessed on the move. We are no longer bond to our office space! Here is a simple How to SharePoint: Mobile.

SharePoint in the palm of your hand

Using the mobile feature of SharePoint is pretty basic. The the mobile intranet allows you to open documents, find sites, navigate SharePoint and change your view of some sites (full screen etc). Although a SharePoint app exists, you do not need to download it. Simply type in your company SharePoint URL and sign in. There will be a mobile viewing mode (as pictured below) and from there you can navigate the intranet software.

Once you click the Site Icon SharePoint will take you to “Sites I’m following” where you can further explore the intranet.

Should I download the app?

To access SharePoint on a mobile device you are not required to have the app, but why would you not download the app? Not downloading the the app is like passing up a free slice of cake. It’s free and it makes life better, so why not? The SharePoint app contains intelligence from the Office Graph to help you navigate efficiently . The Sites Tab will take you to Recent Sites and Followed Sites. The Links tab will take you to sites and portals programmed for everyone in the company. The People tab gives you access to the people you work with. Lastly, the Search allows you to navigate towards anything else you need in SharePoint.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? 

SharePoint facilitates ample communication and collaboration within a business. A meeting in California may have partners from New York conferencing in. During this meeting someone may have been taking notes on a whiteboard or drawing graphs. But, how would we get the New York employees to see our hard work? The scan feature of mobile SharePoint allows you to easily take a picture and upload it directly to SharePoint intranet files.  This scan feature makes it easy to share whatever you are seeing ranging from business cards, whiteboards, documents and anything you can think of.

*Note: Once you scan something and upload it to your drive go back in and rename file because the banner will be a bunch of numbers with IOS or whatever smartphone you captured it with.*

The mobile feature is cool, what else does SharePoint do?

Still wondering what other cool features SharePoint can offer check out some of our other articles. Not sure if SharePoint is right for you, let us help you figure what intranet is best for you!


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