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Maybe you’re asking yourself “What does Code A Site actually do?” Other than developing custom intranet solutions for companies looking to improve their operational efficiency and strengthen collaboration amongst organization members, Code A Site makes tools available for other SharePoint users that want to make the most of their intranet experience. Take a look at some of the powerful solutions available to download in the chart below, and then be sure to check out Code A Site’s page in the Microsoft Office store!


Product Description
Document Manager Save time by automating your business processes. With Document Manager, you can easily set up forms to collect information, auto-create and populate documents, and file them in the right place. This speeds up your search, saves you time on file creation and sorting, and enhances your file security and folder structures.
PDF Converter Convert the file types you use daily — like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, Visio, Image, OpenOffice, HTML, and LotusSmartSuite — into a PDF from directly within your SharePoint site. The app even copies the metadata from your original file to the new PDF copy.
Convert & Publish All the conversion capabilities of the PDF Converter app above, but with additional features for integrating the app directly into automated business processes. Files can now be automatically published as a PDF copy of an original file type as a part of your company’s workflow.
External User Access Formerly known as Data Room, External User Access helps protect your information when sharing your documents both internally and externally. Decide exactly what sort of permissions people who access your documents have, and track how and where they use it.
Anonymous Contact Form Anonymously communicate feedback from within your SharePoint site with this free app part. Responses are entered into sortable lists, protect the contributor’s identity, and can be emailed to the administrator recipient directly.
Content Type Listing Show the content types available for a chosen Document Library right at the top of the listing. This app makes templates easy and accessible for employees and can save them time from having to find content types themselves.
Document Library Listing Add this free app to your site and have all of your Document and Image & Media library types in a visual, tile format for increased usability. No longer will you have to search through list after list to find your library types — they’re now conveniently presented and legible!
Upcoming Events Listing Show a listing of your company’s upcoming events directly on your SharePoint site with this free app! Never stray from your SharePoint intranet ever again, with all of your event information in one place. Easily add and edit events from the source list with one simple click.
Simple Contact Form With this free app, now employees can quickly communicate feedback with their supervisors directly from within SharePoint. Place this app part on your site, and users can easily comment and submit feedback. The responses will be saved to a configurable SharePoint list, and can even be sent directly to the recipient’s email.

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