SharePoint vs BaseCamp

For today’s intranet solution head-to-head, SharePoint vs BaseCamp! Though BaseCamp is often thought of simply as a project management software platform, it also offers online collaboration features, and is thus often used as an intranet solution itself! But which is the better intranet solution for your company? Keep reading on to find out!

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BaseCamp is easy to use and has excellent service and user support

BaseCamp, in a way, is a pre-fabricated intranet site. Though there are few ways to expand the functionality or develop advanced, custom features for your company’s site specifically, BaseCamp’s basic platform includes many of the necessary features your company will need for collaborating and sharing files.

As stated, BaseCamp’s bread and butter are its project management features, and this is where the platform truly shines. Employees can easily create and manage project tasks, check in with what they’re working on, and engage on discussion boards and a built-group messaging platforms. Interestingly, however, one must download a paid 3rd-party extension to have access to some features like enable time tracking or business process automation. Though these extensions allow you to have the project management features of much more powerful software offerings, because they are priced monthly, and BaseCamp isn’t cheap to begin with (after 30 days it’s $99/month with no extensions), the price tag may be too steep for small and new businesses.

That being said, as an entry-level option with much-praised simplicity and highly-reviewed service and user support, there are certainly worse options, for both intranet services and for project management tools.

SharePoint has Microsoft Project directly integrated and is cheaper

Microsoft SharePoint, on the other hand, comes at project management from the intranet service angle (that is, after all, what SharePoint does best). It has all of the collaboration, file sharing, document managing, wiki, discussion board – type features you would expect from the industry standard intranet solution. SharePoint is also limitlessly expandable, and newly developed features and add-ins are created and uploaded to the Microsoft Add-in store (many of which are free or for a very low monthly cost) on a daily basis. It’s easy to increase the functionality of SharePoint to include business process automation, shared-file tracking and securing, and anonymous comment forms.

Because SharePoint is up against BaseCamp, though, and many people may be looking to see how their project management features compare, you’ll be happy to know that SharePoint can be directly integrated with Microsoft Project, an extremely popular and powerful project management tool, so you can have your project management features directly on your intranet site. Project scheduling across multiple timelines, simple time trackers for employees, and powerful project projection and optimization features come standard. Though adding Project to your Office 365 license is an additional monthly payment, SharePoint comes included with Office 365, and the equivalent extensions one would have to pay monthly for BaseCamp to have the same performance features is much, much pricier.

Though BaseCamp is definitely easier to learn and start using, SharePoint (in conjunction with Microsoft Project) is a cheaper, more powerful solution that is frequently updated with new features, and has an online store dedicated to giving your company the perfect custom intranet and project management tool.

Still not convinced?

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