SharePoint vs Igloo

Welcome to our series of head-to-head intranet service reviews! First up come two of the most popular intranet services available: SharePoint and Igloo. Though both of these intranet services are powerful and will certainly make your working life easier, unique features available to each intranet service make them better for some users. Want to know which is right for you? Keep reading!

SharePoint is cheaper with more advanced features

Because SharePoint is bundled with every Enterprise license of Microsoft’s Office 365, it is often cheaper for companies to begin using than Igloo for their intranet solution because they already pay for Office 365 licenses for all of their employees (Igloo is priced on a user-per-month format, which can be expensive additional cost for small-to-mid sized companies).

Additionally, SharePoint has many advanced features that Igloo does not have, like creating multi-language sites, full support for SAML and LDAP authentication methods, and project management features. SharePoint also enables users to access Office 365 tools (think Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) from directly within SharePoint and makes it easy to create and share documents without having to log in multiple times.

Not happy with the built-in features or site templates initially available with your SharePoint install? Microsoft has an entire online Office Store filled with hundreds of free and paid add-ins that can make your SharePoint setup extremely powerful. Examples of these add-ins include the ability to automate business processes, list events on your homepage, and track and secure shared files. Your SharePoint site can also be further customized with the help of SharePoint developers and consultants.

Igloo is easier to set-up and more intuitive to use

Igloo’s greatest strength is that it is easy to set-up and use. While SharePoint tends to require the assistance of a developer to get a custom site up and running, Igloo only takes a matter of seconds to get a fully-functional site with basic intranet and collaboration features ready to go. With a selection of pre-made templates, it’s easy to create many different types of sites (blog, newsfeed, wiki, discussion board, etc.) with just the click of a button.

Though Igloo is pricier than SharePoint and lacks many of the advanced features that makes SharePoint the industry standard for intranet solutions, it can be a simple solution for a company with limited intranet experience.

Still not sure?

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