SharePoint vs Kentico CMS

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Code A Site loves Kentico. Maybe even as much as we love SharePoint. We frequently recommend one of the two to our clients (find out which fits you best with our free quiz), so it’s not easy for me to pit them head-to-head to decide which is the better intranet site. As with all of these comparisons, each intranet service has many strengths it brings to the table, but the strengths of these two platforms are so great…well, it’ll be a tough decision, so you’ll have to keep reading!

Kentico CMS is very flexible, has many tools to expand functionality, and has beautiful templates

Kentico is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, but is excellent at all. It’s a content management system platform for creating beautiful, intricate web pages (both internal and external); it’s an e-commerce and online marketing software for helping you best monitor your pages filled with content, and driving those visitors directly to your online store; and it’s an intranet solution, giving employees a place to collaborate and share content, discuss projects and view company information of easily integrable discussion boards and wikis, and create business process workflows to increase operational efficiency.

All of this comes straight out of the box, but can easily be customized and developed to your company’s needs with ASP.NET coding support. And the best part of all — it’s for a reasonable price!

Code A Site employees have to make tough decisions sometimes. SharePoint, or Kentico?!

SharePoint has a faster mobile app, better handles user volume, and has some more advanced features

SharePoint, on the other hand, requires a bit more prior planning. The wonderful thing about SharePoint is that it can do all of the above, and even more (don’t get me started on the sorts of processes you can automate with SharePoint!). It can have beautiful sites, it can be used for e-commerce and marketing, wikis and discussion boards can be added. There is no better blank canvas than a fresh SharePoint site.

But that brings us to a cross-roads. Many of these features require the helping hand of a developer or consultant to make sure it works the way you want it. Though many features can be added personally, it may require some training to ensure you feel confident doing it yourself. SharePoint can do all of the things Kentico can, but it may require extra help.

Though there are small, incremental differences (SharePoint handles high user volumes better and has a better mobile application, SharePoint is integrated into Office 365, etc.) they don’t add up to sway the decision one way or the other. So…

It depends.

Yes, I know, a cop out for sure, but this is honestly the case. Both platforms are truly great, and it all comes down to what your company needs and wants for both the present and the future. If your company wants a beautiful external website, an online store, or an intranet site with easy-to-integrate features like wikis and discussion boards, and especially if you want your solution ASAP, then Kentico CMS is the choice for you. If your company has more time to plan out your intranet site, wants one with potentially custom features that require additional development, and don’t mind asking for some outside help to get the perfect intranet site, then go with SharePoint.

Don’t fall in either of those categories? We’ve made it simple: take our free, 3-question quiz and we’ll help make the decision for you. Then, give us a call at 877.228.0901 or fill out our Contact Form and one of our technical specialists will give you a free consultation so you can get started on the right intranet project for you!

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