SharePoint vs Oracle WebCenter Content

Another SharePoint Head-to-Head! This time, SharePoint is facing off against the extremely powerful content management system Oracle WebCenter Content! Interestingly, OWCC isn’t so much an intranet service as it is a way for profession intranet developers to design intranets. Whereas you may use something like Igloo or BaseCamp as your own personal intranet site, OWCC allows users to create intranets, extranets, applications, and portals, all while giving users a an efficient and secure way to consume information and perform business processes. SharePoint also has these features, serving as both a service for hosting your own company’s intranet site, and as a tool to create intranet sites for others (that’s how Code A Site uses it!). Let’s break down how they stack up!

Oracle is extremely expensive, complicated, and powerful

If you’re looking for the Incredible Hulk to SharePoint’s Captain America (in this horrible Intranet Avengers analogy…), Oracle takes the cake. Coming in at a whopping $70,000 per CPU, you’ve got to be ready to take on the world (or Abomination, the Hulk’s greatest foe) if you’re going after this product. If you’re cooking up intranet portals and sites for some of the largest companies in the world, building customized workflow features and business processes into the very fabric of the sites themselves, then you can probably afford this platform. That being said, OWCC requires a strong knowledge of the JSF coding language that the Oracle App Framework is built from, and may require additional training on the documentation and capabilities included within the WebCenter software package itself.

Needless to say, Oracle is not for the casual user. An experienced professional could use it to create a wickedly powerful intranet site from scratch with the specific requirements of a multi-million dollar corporation in mind. It would be totally overkill for someone with a small business looking to create a place to share and collaborate on files with coworkers, but for professional programmers looking to develop intranet sites based on the Oracle framework as a profession, the WebContent package is the best in the game.

Teamwork over a wellmade Code A Site product.

SharePoint is more user-friendly, requires less code, and is much cheaper

Because they really do two different things, it is a bit unfair to compare SharePoint to Oracle WCC, at least as a baseline intranet solution (in that regard, SharePoint blows OWCC out of the water in terms of accessibility and ease-of-use). As a SharePoint development tool, the SharePoint designer software is a fully-fledged platform for developing custom SharePoint sites and applications. Though it is not nearly as expansive or flexible as OWCC (you can design literally whatever you want in OWCC), it is much simpler to use through templating and drag-and-drop interfaces. Advanced SharePoint development requires the knowledge of C#, but .NET and Visual Basic can also be used to create certain apps. SharePoint designer is also a free download from Microsoft’s website, though you’ll need access to SharePoint (free for Enterprise licenses of Office 365!) to be able to start designing.

In short, use SharePoint if you’re new to development, want to create small but powerful applications in a free software, or just want to have an intranet site with full capabilities for your company. If you’re in the business of designing intranet portals and sites from the ground up and have lots of money and lots of experience coding Oracle, the WebCenter product package is for you!

I like SharePoint, but how do I get it?

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