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In today’s comparison of intranet solutions SharePoint will be pitted against Sitefinity. Sitefinity is a Web Content Management System known for its easy to navigate interface and customizability. In comparison to Sharepoint, Sitefinity has usage coverage in website categories such as: Internet & Telecom, Domain Names, Arts & Entertainment and Shopping. However, Sharepoint is leading in Business & Industry, Career & Education, and Marketing/ Advertising website categories. In order to understand which intranet solution is the best option for you, lets compare these programs head-to-head. 


Sharepoint intranet vs Sitefinity intranet

Sitefinity is a simple and basic intranet solution 

If you are a small to medium sized business that is familiar with Microsoft ASP.Net and MVC technologies than Sitefinity may be your perfect fit.  Microsoft ASP.Net will support LINQ to store access and query all users’ application data. Sitefinity includes community portals as well as a simple drag and drop interface. Furthermore, the intranet solution can be integrated with external web applications and CRM systems. 

Document respositories give Sharepoint an edge over Sitefinity

Both Sharepoint and Sitefinity can serve as an effective intranet solution for e-commerce and marketing for your business. Similarly to Sitefinity, Sharepoint can also be integrated with web applications. Sharepoint is expandable and there are many sharing capabilities built in or you can use Add-ins (you can collaborate with Code A Site to create Add-ins). A main advantage that Sharepoint has over Sitefinity is that it is bundled with every enterprise license of Microsoft Office 365.  Another cool feature that Sharepoint has over Sitefinity is that users have the ability to manage document repositories.

Sitefinity can be a good fit for you if you want a general content site that includes basic modules such as blogs or forums. However, if you are searching for an intranet solution to allow multiple users to collaborate on documents and plan events on calendars then Sharepoint is the way to go.


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