Simple Contact Form: Stay In Touch With Your Employees Faster and Easier

As we said in the Anonymous Contact Form blog post, it is important for companies and their administrators to make themselves available to suggestions and comments from within the organization.

Not having an easy contact form costs your business money!

A company with no contact system may make themselves appear unavailable, stagnant, or uninterested in hearing new suggestions, when oftentimes, the exact opposite is the case. Employees may have to resort to sending email or scheduling a meeting to get the attention of a superior, and for many employees, it’s easier to stay in their lane and bringing up a suggestion is not worth the trouble.

An employee inbox before using the Simple Contact Form add-in for SharePoint by Code A Site.No contact form means a messy inbox

Though we hope your company’s contact system is better than the ones mentioned, not having a straightforward solution in place can create a logistical problem for employees trying to contact your administrators.

SharePoint users will have to exit their current task, and the site entirely, just to send a suggestion email to an administrator. Once the administrator receives this email, it may get lost in the swarm of day-to-day emails that already fill up administrators’ inboxes.

Not having a contact form system wastes both the employee’s and the administrator’s valuable time, and the suggestion may be buried in the admin’s inbox for so long that it is no longer relevant. Change will move slowly, or not at all, without a proper solution.

Using Simple Contact Form makes you more accessible and organized

Enter Simple Contact Form. This SharePoint add-in can be added to any page on a company SharePoint site. Users merely put in their Subject and Comment, and then click Submit. The comment is automatically whisked away either to a specific email address (that can be set up during installation) or to a special SharePoint list.

This list can be accessed by administrators, sorted by subject or comment content (for example, sort the most pressing comments to be at the top of the list), and then addressed as needed. This add-in is perfect for internally facing sites, and facilitates business transparency and communication.

Download Code A Site’s Simple Contact Form for free from the Microsoft Office store. If you have any questions about the add-in, give us a call at 877.228.0901 and one of our technical specialists will help you right away!

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