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no spamThe average office worker sends or receives around 120 emails per day, with many workers receiving significantly more. This overwhelming number of emails is just one of the many reasons why an email Spam folder is a critical feature. A Spam folder can filter out useless emails that would otherwise crowd up an inbox and waste a workers time.

However, these folders aren’t perfect and have been known to collect mail from trusted business partners whose emails are important to you. Luckily, Office 365 users have the ability to avoid this problem by configuring their connection filter, which enables a user to set up a safe senders list and a block senders list.


IP Allow List

The Allow list is a catalog of IP addresses from people that you trust, like business partners and clients, whose emails will never be directed to the Spam folder. The steps to setting up this IP Allow list are laid out below:

1.       Go to the Admin Center, then Protection, then Connection filter, and double click on the default policy.

2.       Click on Connection filtering and click on the “+” icon.

3.       In the IP Allow list dialog box, enter the IP address you wish to allow and press Ok. Repeat this step for each additional IP address.

4.       If you wish to avoid missing emails from any, trusted by Microsoft, third-party senders, select Enable safe list.

5.       Click Save.

IP Block List

The Block list is the exact opposite of an IP Allow list, and blocks emails from any sender that you know sends Spam emails. This function can be enabled by following the same steps as the IP Allow list, but instead entering the IP addresses in the IP Block List dialog box (Note that if an IP address is on both lists, emails will not be blocked). However, there are some additional features that allow users to further filter their emails.

·         International Spam:  Allows users to block messages based on its geographical origin or language.

1.       Go to the Admin Center > Protection > Content filter > Default

2.       Choose the international spam menu

3.       To filter mail based on language, choose Filter email messages written in the following languages, click on the “+” icon and select the languages you wish to block

4.       To filter mail based on geographical location, choose Filter email messages sent from the following countries or regions, click on the “+” icon and select the regions you wish to block

·         Advanced Filtering:  Allows user to modify the existing Spam filter, in order to block messages that might otherwise make their way into the user’s inbox.

1.       Go to the Admin Center > Protection > Content filter > Default

2.       Choose the advanced options menu

3.       Adjust settings according to the type of spam you wish to filter.

More information can be found at this link.

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