The Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Navigation

Do you ever struggle in the lost seas of SharePoint? Do not worry this article can serve as your North Star and help you get to whatever destination you desire. SharePoint can definitely be a tricky website when navigating, I too was very confused when I started using it. However, once you grasp a few concepts you will become a SharePoint professional in no time.

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Help I don’t speak computer

Lets start from the very beginning. You log onto your company’s intranet, SharePoint, by typing in your You will land on a homepage that will allow you to get to your company’s sites. A Team Site is a private website;  In other words these sites act as containers for your team’s work. Sites create a collaboration space for you and your team members. Simply click on the site that pertains to your work and all the documents and information you need are there. To navigate from site to site you use the top navigation/search bar. (Come back next week to check out our blog about building SharePoint sites.)

When you first log on you will see your frequently visited sites. Along the left side you will see sites you follow and recently viewed. On the very bottom are your company’s featured links.


I’m sure you want to learn more about navigation than how to get to a site. On SharePoint intranet there is a Quick Launch Area which allows you to change features of a site, letting you edit links (if you have permission to).  Just a reminder, if you do not want users to have access to certain contents you should not create it in Quick Launch and should be in Site Contents.  By default, Site Contents is the last line on the left hand column of your Quick Launch.    Once on Site Contents you can go to Site Settings and change the Site Administration.  You can also get to Site Contents or Site Settings by using the gear on the upper right hand side of your navigation.

Navigate SharePoint Settings


Where’s my compass?

The first tool that is as helpful as a compass when navigating our intranet solution is “the waffle.”  The waffle acquired that name due to its square and patterned look. The waffle is the app launcher and is located in the upper left hand corner.  The app launcher can take you to your calendar, OneDrive, email, workflows, and many other areas.  Below is a picture of what your screen will look like when you open the waffle.

SharePoint Navigation, easy compass

If you move your mouse to the right corner of the page there is a bell icon for notifications, a gear for settings, and a question mark for help. Below these icons there are buttons to share, follow, and edit pages.

Some more information when conquering SharePoint

  • Some helpful information about SharePoint is that there is only one recycling bin not one per site or subsite.
  • Also, it is always good to check site contents before creating new sites to make sure you do not already have a site or something very similar.  A SharePoint governance policy can also help make sure there is not duplication throughout.

Want Help With Your  Governance Policy?

  • A cool tool in SharePoint is the Site Notebook and it acts as a shared notebook that gives the same permission to the notebook as the site its in. In the notebook people can insert tables, pictures, attachments. The notebook feature is great for teams already collaborating through SharePoint.


That was helpful, but what happens if I get lost again? 

We understand that technology can be tricky, but here at Code A Site we want to make sure that you know your way. We can help create add-ins for your company intranet and make it easy for you to navigate. If you need help we are always ready to answer your call or email!

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