Top 10 Corporate Intranets

Intranet sites can provide companies with operational efficiencies, how does your stack up to our favorites? We are constantly inspired by some of the intranet sites developed for other companies for their aesthetic qualities, their ingenious features, and how they continue to innovate the ways they bring the members of their organization together. We thought you might like a bit of inspiration too as you’re contemplating your next intranet site, or an update to your existing one. So, in no particular order, here are 10 of our favorite corporate intranet sites:

National Geographic

Code A Site loves National Geographic's intranet site

Nat Geo’s intranet site gives their over 1500 full-time employees and up to 2000 freelancer and contract employees a central hub to view company news, share ideas, and access the company directory. Not only have employees enjoyed the visual changes to the site, they like the increased connectivity and engagement their intranet site creates with its enhanced ability to serve as a communication and collaboration platform.

Goodwill Industries International

Goodwill Industries International has a great intranet site. Code A Site thinks so!

Goodwill recently revamped their old, outdated intranet, now expanded to include a designated section for company resources, best practices, templates, and documentation, helping to support and ensure quality standards amongst the network of over 163 autonomous Goodwill organizations.. One of the most impressive new site features, however, is the powerful search tool, allowing users to search through a taxonomy of thousands of terms, customized to the vocabulary of the organization, and supported by a governing hierarchical structure.


Code A Site loves IBM's intranet site.

IBM’s intranet site has consistently been highly-ranked for its advanced, personalized features. These include news pages personalized to each employee profile, role-specific portals, a robust employee directory, blogging capabilities, and special accessibility features for users with vision, memory, or literacy issues.


Code A Site loves Quintiles' intranet site

To help deliver drugs and find cures for the world’s most challenging diseases, Quintiles employs over 27,000 employee across 62 countries, and gives all of them access to their intranet site. To support such a great number of people, the Quintiles intranet gives all employees a platform to access company resources, connect and share files with other users, and to create blogs, polls, wikis, and discussion boards for any topic.


Code A Site loves JetBlue's intranet site!

JetBlue recently overhauled its company intranet site to include a new design, improved administration, and enhanced search capabilities. To help support the job functions of JetBlue’s over 20,000 global employees, the intranet offers company resources, news updates, simpler navigation, and enhanced people finding/social networking abilities.


AIG's intranet site looks pretty good to Code A Site!

AIG wanted to empower its employees with the tools needed to collaborate at an extremely high level, while also motivating them to meet aggressive growth and sales targets. AIG was able to streamline its intranet by merging dozens of separate intranet sites together, focusing instead on giving every employee a personalized view of the intranet, and adding social tools for cross-departmental communication.

Tourism New Zealand

Can you believe Tourism New Zealand's intranet site? Code A Site can!

Tourism New Zealand’s intranet focuses on keeping its global-based staff informed and connected through the mobile-friendly site. Accessibility and ease of use were at the forefront of the design process, and the site’s use of plain English and social interactive features (such as the ability for staff to post images and have conversations) has been helpful in creating a central, navigable collaborative hub for Tourism New Zealand’s diverse employee base.

Bank of America

Code A Site thinks Bank of America's intranet site looks great too!

Bank of America’s Flagscape intranet site has become one of the company’s strongest assets. Frequent updates to simply and improve employees’ online experience have led to Bank of America employees around the world taking advantage of all benefits available to them at the bank. A strong site structure, personalized views, and clearly written content make Flagscape a unifying intranet experience.

NCR Corporation

Check out NCR Corporation's stellar intranet site. Code A Site has!

NCR Corporation, a computer hardware and software company focusing on point-of-sale terminals and self-service kiosks, recently updated their intranet site from an intimidating and visually unappealing wall of links into a user-friendly and accessible system of highly structured menus and categories. Employee navigation has improved dramatically because of these changes, regular user surveys and updates ensure the intranet is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.


Code A Site loves ONO's intranet site too!

ONO, a Spanish broadband and communications company, uses its innovative intranet site as primarily a corporate social networking site for gathering enriching feedback. Company wikis, blog and news sub-sites, and a strong focus on opinion boards and comment sections have helped make this intranet site a social and participative tool to keep corporate objectives in line with employee aspirations.


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