Top 10 Intranet Trends of 2018 Made Easier With Sharepoint (Part 1)

In the past few years, Intranet Portals have seen some powerful  improvements and innovations that allow companies to make it easier for employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

Social, workflow and other engagement features within intranet portals are now key to the running of a successful digital workplace. Today’s intranet is a well-oiled machine with intuitive features, time-saving elements and an increased capacity for collaborative efforts.

Microsoft Sharepoint Intranet Solution has has made it even easier for more advances to allow intranets to take businesses to new heights of success and efficiency.

Here is a look back at some of the biggest trends we’ve seen this year that we expect to continue next year:

  1. The Digital Workplace and Intranet

The digital workplace was one of the biggest trends this year, and it will only become more popular as businesses realize the benefits of going digital.

Intranets are central to the digital workplace, which could include a variety of tools available to employees in order to complete processes and engage the workforce.

Acting as a gateway to these tools, an intranet facilitates teamwork, engagement and productivity while also providing benefits to organizations that rely on remote team members. Easy and fast set up means you can start seeing positive changes of your new intranet combined with your digital workplace package strategy.

  1. Mobile Integration

The focus, not only this year but over the past few years, has been on optimizing intranet access and intranet features on mobile devices.

Platforms are being used extensively in workplaces, however, remote team members and team members who are required to work while traveling without a desktop will benefit from improvements to Sharepoint intranet mobile integration solutions.

Your Company Sharepoint Intranet needs to be user-friendly no matter the device, situation or location. Mobile-friendly intranet interfaces and features are being more optimized for touchscreen performance, fast implementation and smart innovation. Introducing a mobile integration to your  Sharepoint intranet allows an organization to gather more data that can be used to optimize and improve mobile features in the future.

  1. Social Collaboration

Social features in your Sharepoint intranet are just as important as positive company culture when it comes to employee engagement. Social intranet tools like blogging, sharing, chat, team workspaces and video conferencing are features included in your Microsoft Sharepoint to encourage engagement between teams and between individual team members.

Social tools aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to play an important role in an intranet platform for years to come.

  1. Personalized Experience

Personalization is successful in many digital areas including content strategies and website user experience. Another area where it has seen success and will continue to do so is company and organization intranets.

Hundreds of employees might use the same intranet platform at work. How do organizations create a personalized experience on their intranet so employees will keep coming back and adding value to an intranet?

More meaningful and efficient interactions with an intranet will mean more customization and personalization of features for individual employees or teams. If users are seeing what they want and need to see on an intranet platform, they are more likely to enjoy using that platform. This could be as simple as showing company news specific to a particular department or team or suggesting relevant internal content based on an employee’s interests and skills.

An intranet personalization strategy is not only of value to the users of the intranet, it benefits the entire organization with increased productivity.

  1. Integrating Systems

Organizations likely cannot survive with an intranet alone. There are always extra tools or systems that allow employees to complete processes on time or according to company policy.

Microsoft Sharepoint understands this, which is why integration to other systems has become more accessible and easy to set. Intranets are still often the start of the internal journey for users, and they can be used to access other systems that make it possible to get the job done.

This is just one way companies can become more organized this year.

To learn more about 10 Intranet Trends of 2018 Made Easier With Sharepoint make sure to read part two of our blog here.

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