Top 10 Intranet Trends of 2018 Made Easier With Sharepoint (Part 2)

Intranets as a whole have made huge improvements to efficiency and company culture in recent years, and enhancements to existing technologies are only expected to continue with the benefits of using Microsoft Sharepoint.

We continue to review the Top 10 Intranet Trends of 2018 Made Easier With Sharepoint with part 2 of our previous blog post.

  1. Intranet Engagement

Intranets have been making it easier for large organizations to stay connected and engaged for years. This year has seen improvements to inter-departmental and team engagement opportunities like workspaces, calendars, event organization and management and collaboration tools in general.

Engagement is slowly becoming one of the most important metrics to measure the success of your intranet.

  1. Internal and External

The internal user and customer experience is now just as important as the external user and customer experience. The growing social nature of intranets has already increased communication in businesses, internally and externally.

When this aspect is functioning at its very best, employees and customers feel heard, respected and know their individual opinion matters. Company owners will have an even more focused interest in the user experience. From there, the input will allow the company intranet to be made even more efficient and effective for each business.

  1. Measuring Intranet Success

Analysis of key metrics and data-driven decisions has improved intranet features and processes this year. A minor change to an intranet system can make a big difference in enhancing productivity and performance, so this type of change is not to be taken lightly.

Analyzing engagement statistics as well as feedback from users can assist with making intranets more user-friendly and personalized to a business and it’s employees. Companies that make progressive changes in a more intuitive manner are able to better maximize intranet performance year after year, or even month to month.

  1. Design

Intranets rely on functionality, practicality and usability to engage a workforce. However, there’s another key element to this mix that has been really moved up to be a major priority, and that is good design. The look and feel of an intranet can determine how often and how efficiently that intranet is used by employees.

A great-looking intranet platform that brings a cool corporate culture vibe to the digital workplace experience is a must. If you’re working with an outdated, visually unappealing platform, it’s time to upgrade.

  1. Learning Management System Integration

This year we have seen a closer integration between intranets and Learning Management Systems (LMS). As training and skill advancement becomes a higher priority in the workplace, these systems can no longer be separate. LMS integrated with an intranet will allow workforces to train new staff, measure training programs, and encourage personalized learning across the organization in an easy to use and highly integrated platform.

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