Top Benefits of Digitizing Your School Records

Are your student records filed away somewhere in cabinets or boxes? Are you in need of an efficient solution that can help scan and file important student records without having to manually categorize every record by hand?  Misfiled records could not only cause a variety of issues internally but can also slow down your overall productivity while increasing cost.

No matter how many student records you have, they add up to a lot of information to store and manage. You could hire more people, purchase more boxes, find more room for storage – or you can digitize those important student records using a secure solution that can save you money while increasing the overall productivity within your school.

Have you considered the benefits of using a pre-built customized intranet to help digitize your important student records?

Digitizing your school records using a pre-built customized intranet has many benefits. Our customized Intranet  solution geared toward public schools, universities and private institutions can turn your SharePoint Intranet into a portal to keep detail student information, manage school activities, streamline enrollment paperwork process, reduce manual data entry and more – while improving your overall productivity.

Below are just a few of the benefits of digitizing your school records from those file cabinets & boxes to a secure solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  

  • Store and access complete student files, including enrollment paperwork, report cards, sports records, lunch vouchers and all other paperwork in one system.
  • Reduce manual data entry by automatically extracting data from student information systems (SIS) and state databases.
  • Properly scanned and indexed documents can be searched for and accessed in a matter of seconds.
  • A paperless collection of all student records from the time they start school.
  • Improve the efficiency of back-office procedures while cutting operating costs by streamlining how you share and access important school records.
  • Maintain the integrity of confidential student records and comply with with DoD 5015.2, FERPA, HIPAA and CIPA regulations.
  • Apply document-level security to maintain different levels of access for each type of document within a personnel or student file.
  • Improve response times for record requests with direct access to transcripts, disciplinary actions and reports.

Interested in learning how you can build a digital library for you school to organize important student records?

We’ve developed a brand new intranet solution for your school to help easily scan and file important student records while improving back-office procedures and cut cost, we call it FindAFile.

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