Top Benefits of using Sharepoint as your Intranet Solution

It’s time. It’s time to improve the performance from your intranet. It’s time to put the power of all your content, people and information in the pocket of each and every employee. It’s time to improve your return on investment.

It’s time to build your modern intranet on SharePoint in Office 365.

SharePoint is great because it lets you pretty much customize it any way you want. SharePoint helps you create and broadcast your message throughout your intranet.

Here are just a few of the ways Sharepoint is a great option to use as an Intranet solution that can improve your organization.

Benefits of Microsoft Sharepoint as an Intranet Solution

  1. Boost Employee Communication & Collaboration

Employees are always connected with an Intranet. Files and messages can be easily shared among staff members. Intranets provide a way for Employees to view the progress of their co-workers, keeping everyone within the organization informed.

  1. Move Business out of the Office

Intranets act as an online file cabinet and communication center, allowing your business to evolve in to a digital workplace. This will allow your employees to work outside of regular business hours from any location!

  1. Increase Transparency and Employee Engagement

Transparency is vital for the success of any organization. Intranets allow Employees to view all aspects of an organization, which establishes trust and communication between them and the Employer. This opens the possibility for Employees to become more engaged with the organization and provide feedback.

  1. Improve Productivity & Profit

By using an Intranet solution, the need to purchase multiple software solutions is diminished. All departments can be integrated and centralized in to one intranet, streamlining business processes, which will eventually lead to increased productivity and profit.

  1. Access & Manage /ALL/ Your Information in /One Place/

Accessing information within your organization just became easier and faster. With an Intranet, all files and information are readily available in one /secure/ location. Most Intranets utilize a customizable dashboard format where key information can be found to meet the needs of specific departments.

Learn more about how we can help build an intranet solution that fits your business using Microsoft Sharepoint

In all, we encourage you to consider using an Microsoft Sharepoint  to help build an Intranet Portal to help improve productivity, collaborate with your team and share files seamlessly.  

We are a team of on-shore expert Microsoft Sharepoint Intranet Developers that help businesses like yours improve their productivity by building, customizing, implementing & managing digital workspaces using intranets.

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