Troubleshooting Your Intranet Connections

It’s a Monday morning and you’ve managed to drag yourself into work after a thrilling weekend away from the office. After filling up your normal cup of joe and settling down into the office chair you know oh-so-well, you fire up your computer, open up your web browser of choice, and enter the keystrokes to log yourself into your company’s intranet site.

It doesn’t work. You try it again, and, again, you’re barred out from entering the intranet site. You begin to panic: the intranet site is where you go to submit all of your work, and if you can’t submit your work then your supervisor might think you’re just freeloading and question whether you should be paid. You’re already on thin ice from coming back late from lunch the week before; who knows this might be the last straw! If your supervisor doesn’t think you’re doing work, they might ask you to leave. Or worse, fire you! And, from previous blog posts, we know that being fired could lead to you losing your dog!!

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Of course I am being hyperbolic; there’s no need to downward spiral about having a troublesome intranet connection. But, in case you are having difficulty getting online, the following tips might be helpful:

Are you connected to the internet?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the first step you should take when figuring out why you can’t connect to your company’s intranet site is making sure you are indeed connected to the internet. Take a look in the bottom-right corner of your screen. If you don’t see this symbol  ethernet connected.png (for ethernet connected computers) or this symbol wireless connected.png (for computers with a wireless connection) then your computer probably isn’t connected to the internet.

To troubleshoot this, because there can be so many different reasons why a person’s computer isn’t connected to the internet (changed access code, router is temporarily down, low signal, etc.), you may need to field this question to your company’s IT department. If you are your company’s IT department and you’re not sure why you’re not connected to the internet, perhaps try giving your service provider a call.

Is your intranet site hooked up?

You’re connected to the internet, but still can’t access your company’s intranet site. You go to your SharePoint/Kentico/Igloo login page, but for some reason your login just doesn’t go through (we’ll assume your username and password are correct; if your coworkers have access to the intranet site, then maybe you just forgot your password). There could be a few reasons for this problem:

  • Is your IT administrator performing maintenance or installing an update on your intranet? We hope they would have notified you and your coworkers, but, as with all humans, sometimes they forget. IT admins may shut down the intranet site periodically to make sure it runs smoothly. Check in with your IT department to see if they may have purposely shut down the intranet site without your knowledge.
  • Is your intranet site being blocked by your computer’s firewall? Firewalls are automatically setup when the computer is created to make sure that no harmful sites have access to your documents or other private information stored on your computer. Occasionally, intranet site domain names trip these firewalls up and they will accidentally block certain sites, even though they are safe and secure. Check with your IT administrator to see if this is the case and, if so, change your firewall settings (different operating systems and computers have different processes for making this change; your IT department should be able to help you make these alterations).
  • Which internet browser are you using? Some intranet sites favor certain browsers over others (for example, SharePoint has some more advanced special features that are only accessible when using Internet Explorer). Like with firewalls, different browsers have different security standards and attempting to connect to your company’s intranet domain may “fail” one browser’s security standards, even though it is a safe site. Accessing your intranet site may be as simple as changing from Google Chrome to Firefox.

Still having trouble with your intranet connections?

Maybe your intranet connectivity problems are greater than your IT administrator’s experience level, even with the assistance of this blog post. Maybe you need the assistance of dedicated intranet experts to solve your problem! Give Code A Site a call at 877.228.0901 or via our convenient Contact Form and we’ll have one of our experienced professionals call you right away and get you connected in no time!

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