Upcoming Events Listing: Put Your Calendar On Your SharePoint Site

It seems like SharePoint has your document management requirements covered…

with one exception.

Your SharePoint site serves as your company’s intranet solution, collaborative space, and information hub. Users may spend all day within your SharePoint site, perhaps navigating between files with Document Library Listing, or automatically processing new client documents with Document Manager.

Because of SharePoint’s fluid integration with other Microsoft Office tools, users can easily create, work on, and share a variety of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook documents from directly within the SharePoint platform.

Travelling around your SharePoint site is a breeze, but it can be a nuisance to have to exit SharePoint to find a single piece of information, only to turn around and have to go right back in your site. Wouldn’t it be nice if truly everything you need is consolidated into the home page of your SharePoint site?

The Missing Feature in SharePoint

SharePoint has a breadth of features, and is constantly being updated with additional ones, but one extremely important convenience has yet to be added – a front-page upcoming events listing.

It would seem like a no-brainer for a company’s intranet solution, you need a place for all employees to be able to view important upcoming dates and events.

Whether it be an impending client meeting, or you just want to make sure none of your coworkers “forget” about your birthday in two weeks, employees need a convenient way to see upcoming events without having to exit the SharePoint site and go on Google Calendar or some other 3rd-party calendar service (God forbid you have to send out a birthday reminder email).

A sad employee who didn't use Code A Site's Upcoming Event Listing App for SharePoint.

Leaving SharePoint to check up on upcoming events is annoying, and a waste of time! You need a solution that will put your upcoming events in a convenient list, directly on your SharePoint site.

Organize your events on one page with Upcoming Events Listing!

That’s just what Code A Site had in mind when we created the free Upcoming Events Listing add-in for SharePoint. Simply put, it shows what events you have coming up in a single, accessible location.

Easily update what events are coming just by editing a list. The add-in automatically pulls the events from the list, and displays them wherever you choose. No longer will you or your coworkers have to exit SharePoint just to check up on upcoming events; it’s all in one, central location. Finally, your SharePoint site has become the ultimate one-stop-shop for any information a member of your organization might need.

Download the Upcoming Events Listing add-in for your SharePoint site for free! It’s easy to download and install, but feel free to give Code A Site a call at 877.228.0901 if you have questions or need installation assistance.

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