What is SharePoint Document Manager and Why Do I Need It?

Code A Site has made a name for itself in offering high quality services and applications for Microsoft users, especially in the SharePoint productivity space. Applications like Data Room, Document Library Listing, and Content Type Listing have all been employed by numerous users with wildly successful results: improved site navigation; enhanced file sharing, tracking, and analysis; and increased usage and visibility of document templates. One of our most popular apps, Document Manager, was in need of a graphical overhaul, and with it come a boatload of new features to boost your team’s efficiency and structure.


Faster Search

One of the most apparent and easy-to-use features of Document Manager is its enhanced search capability. Document Manager allows you to set-up custom metadata fields for all documents you upload to your site. You can then search by these characteristics, refining your search and helping to return only relevant results. Document Manager adds the ability to search for files directly from the home page of your site, and search results are presented clearly in a simple, visual fashion. Speeding up your search saves you time when finding your documents, especially for teams that would otherwise have to parse through hundreds and thousands of files to find what they are looking for.

Structure, Versioning, and Permissions

For teams with no previous file structure or organizational hierarchy, Document Manager can help you set up and enforce them in a way that is most suitable for your organization. Once a structure has been set up, when new clients are added or new hires are onboarded, and their various documents and files are added to your library, Document Manager will automatically conform them to your hierarchy. File structures can even be updated retroactively, to ensure that all of your files are organized in a consistent manner.

Document Manager continues to keep your library neat by managing versions. You’ll never run into the problem of having multiple duplicated documents floating around, confusing your team members and muddling up your workflow. Document Manager makes sure all users are using the latest version.

Keep track of what files different users can view or edit with Document Manager’s custom permissions management abilities. Document Manager gives you ultimate control over your SharePoint Site and really opens up the capabilities and settings to help you maintain a secure but collaborative SharePoint environment.


Automate Processes

Every business could use a little more automation. Even businesses with fewer projects or infrequent hires have some sort of regulatory paperwork that must be filled in in a standardized manner (e.g. date, name, address) that could easily be automated via SharePoint lists and document templates. Document Manager helps you set up a collection of documents that, once a simple informational form is filled out, will automatically fill in certain fields on multiple documents, saving you the time from having to manually set up each new document collection.

Imagine the next time your company hires someone new you can simply double click on a shortcut, fill out a short form with basic information, and presto! Every tax document, payroll form, and legal paper that you normally have to manually enter is now filled in automatically, saving you time and getting you back to work! To help save you even more time, Document Manager will automatically send you an email notification when your document library is set up and ready for you to work in it.


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