Your key to stress-free work: SharePoint Intranet

Did you say intranet, not internet?

Today we are going back to basics and simply discussing what SharePoint intranet is. Nearly everyone in the 21st Century is familiar with the internet which aids in sharing information on a global level. Therefore, whatever is shared on the internet is accessible to everyone connected to it. Unlike its brother, the intranet is built in an organization to aid with resource sharing and communication throughout a group of members. If you are searching for a way to better facilitate the communication and organization within your company or group then you are searching for an intranet solution. 


What’s so special about SharePoint? 

A major advantage that SharePoint has over other intranet services is that the software is bundled with Microsoft’s Office 365. SharePoint aims to help share and manage content, knowledge, and applications while empowering teamwork within a company leading to seamless collaboration in an organization. Let’s breakdown SharePoint a little more.

What’s the first half of this intranet solution

If we literally cut the name of this intranet solution in half we get the word “share.” SharePoint helps users share files, data, news and resources securely within the company. Users can even communicate on mobile devices using one of the Office 365 apps available for Apple, Android, and Windows smart phones. Furthermore, Wikis and discussion boards can be created for team members to collaborate on projects. To further communication within a company, staff can share event listings and calendars to make sure everyone is up to date.

Do you get the (Share)Point yet? 

I’m sure you get the point here, that SharePoint can act as a great intranet solution for document managing, sharing and collaboration. However, you may want to know some more technical aspects of SharePoint, so here you go.  SharePoint is very user-friendly and can be used for e-commerce and marketing, document management and business process automation. It can also be used to host a company’s intranet as well as provide tools and line of business applications for others (that’s how we use it at Code A Site). Another cool aspect about SharePoint is it can create Multi-language sites.  And can fully support SAML and LDAP authentication methods. Advanced SharePoint development requires the knowledge of C#, but .NET and Visual Basic can also be used to create certain apps. If the technology based information above has you confused, do not fear, SharePoint requires less coding than some sites. If you are still intimidated by this intranet software Code A Site can help with creating applications (Some are even for free) to enhance your user experience with SharePoint.

As you can see, SharePoint can help create a and organized work environment and can be the cure to your stress. The intranet developers created a solution made for effective teamwork and a technologically advanced future.

How to Use SharePoint Intranet for Stress-Free work


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