Login to Multiple Office 365 Domains with One User

A common problem for Office 365 Administrators or companies with multiple domains is the need to keep track of multiple credentials and maintain multiple “In Private” or “Incognito” browser sessions to provide basic administration.  We came across a method using Google Chrome which helps to alleviate some of the frustration for those users that need access to multiple office 365 domains throughout their day.

Using multiple user accounts within Chrome you can login to multiple Office 365 accounts in the same browser at the same time!   The steps below outline how to add multiple user accounts to Google Chrome to access multiple Office 365 accounts at the same time.

Add the Office 365 Users

  • Open the Google Chrome settings menu
  • Find the People section and add one of your Office 365 Accounts
  • Choose an icon and preferences for this new user
  • Using this new user profile add any bookmarks you need and login to your Office 365 Account for this user.
  • Whenever you need to login to this Office 365 tenant choose the user from the upper right menu in Google Chrome.

Hopefully this helps you manage your Office 365 user accounts for multiple domains faster. Do you have an alternative method?  Let us know in the comments.


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