What you need to know about Igloo Software

In today’s post we are going to discuss Igloo; however, this Igloo does not require a winter jacket. The Igloo we are talking about is a software that can serve as your company’s intranet. 

What is Igloo Software? Is Igloo right for my company?

Why is Igloo ironically hot? 

Igloo is very popular, you can even say its a “hot” commodity, because intranet developers made this software very user friendly. Igloo aims to help users “work smarter, faster, [and] better.” Setting up this system takes a matter of seconds and the user has a fully-functional site. The basic intranet functions that Igloo provides are pre-made templates and easy to create sites such as blogs, news feeds, wikis and discussion boards. Some more intranet services that Igloo provides are simple file organization and an on-call posting aiding to alert employees about schedule changes.  For better communication within a company Igloo provides a complete directory of employee contact information.  All these pros of Igloo are probably giving you the chills, but lets discuss some other aspects of Igloo.

Is Igloo the right fit for you? 

There are definitely aspects of Igloo that make it highly desired. However, one issue is the Igloo software pricing. For small companies it will cost $12 per user per month which can add up over time. For larger teams Igloo is $6 per user per month. Although, companies should consider implementation costs upon purchasing. Here is a more visual comparison of Sharepoint and Igloo.

Things to consider before making Igloo your intranet shelter

Igloo can definitely be a great choice for users searching for simple intranet solutions. . Before deciding on the right intranet solution for your company you should check out other intranet software. For example, Sharepoint is bundled with Office 365 and like Igloo it can integrate with Apps that we at Code A Site can create for you!


Maybe Igloo is not the right fit for me

Are you interested in doing some more research about intranet services? Check out some of our articles comparing SharePoint and other corporate intranets. Wondering how a company saved $12,000 by switching from Igloo? Check out this interesting case study.

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