27 11, 2018

Find out how much you can save with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

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Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider)  is a program designed by Microsoft for partners like us, here at CodeASite, to strengthen the level of support we can provide to businesses and organizations like yours. It allows [...]

8 11, 2018

FindAFile is Helping Schools Move Their Student Records From Boxes To The Cloud.

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Are you in need of an efficient solution that can help scan and file important student records without having to manually categorize every record by hand? Have you considered moving those important records from your [...]

5 11, 2018

Sharepoint Intranet Features That Your Employees Love (Part 2)

2018-11-08T05:00:07+00:00Blog, Development, Featured, Intranet Development, SharePoint, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online|

If you were wondering what Sharepoint Intranet Features That Your Employees Love, we’ve decided to list them here for you.  Understanding how your employees best interact with your SharePoint Company Intranet is not only of [...]

29 10, 2018

Top 10 Intranet Trends of 2018 Made Easier With Sharepoint (Part 2)

2018-11-08T04:38:53+00:00Blog, Development, Intranet Development, SharePoint, SharePoint App, SharePoint Online|

Intranets as a whole have made huge improvements to efficiency and company culture in recent years, and enhancements to existing technologies are only expected to continue with the benefits of using Microsoft Sharepoint. We continue [...]

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